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Thursday, 20 October 2016

Chopstick Hair Styler: My Jandals: Two Diwali Festival Cuties: My Two Crazy Cats!

I recently purchased a Lee Stafford Chopstick Hair Styling Wand from Ebay in the UK. These 2 photo's (above and below) are what it looks like.
The barrel is very flat and thin, which gives you cork screw curls in a very short time. The barrel is ceramic and heats up ultra-quick.
 But the plugs are different here in NZ than it is in the UK, so I had to buy a converter plug (top photo) so I could change the UK plug so I could use the hair Styler here in NZ and Australia.  So off I went to Jaycar Electronics to buy the new plug.  The UK plug is this photo below.  You can see the pins are a totally different shape to the NZ plug. (See the last photo of the new, clear plug.)
 So I cut the UK plug off the Styler...
Then carefully stripped off some of the plastic coating around the wires.  (Photo below)  The black round thing is my lens cap off my camera.  I had to put it there so the camera would focus because I was photographing against a white background. 
 Then I used my wire strippers to strip off 1/4 of an inch of the plastic coating on the wires.
The blue wire is the "neutral" wire (it used to be black) and the brown wire is the "active" wire, (it used to be red.)
Then I twisted the wires so they were all nice and tight then threaded them into the appropriate little holes and made sure I tightened the screws so they held the wires in the right place.  I also hooked the wires through the nubs on the plug to hold them in place.
Ad lastly I attaches the new plug cover, which is clear, as you can see.  Then I plugged the Styler in to the power point and cork-screwed my hair!  I have never changed a plug before and managed to get this one done in  ten minutes, which I thought was good considering I had never done it before!
The only "challenge" I had was my thumbs. They were (and still are) very painful and so they made things a little challenging...but I did it!  Yay me!!
The next two photo's are of my jandals that I decorated with some flowers!  I've had the jandals for a few years and had glued a purple flower to them ages ago, but recently decided to ditch that flower and re-decorate them!  I bought the flowers at the $2 Shop and used a hot glue gun to glue the flowers onto the jandals.
They are those sort of jandals that mold to the shape of your foot and are very comfortable.

These two photo's are of 2 cuties who were at the recent Diwali Festival held at Aotea Square in Auckland City.
 Below is a photo of Romeo-Valentino 'hiding' in between two old pillows and an old cat bed which I am getting rid of.  He must of got himself in between the two pillows and is actually lying on his back!  Obviously, I couldn't resist taking his photo!
And this is him again, below, resting in Pink Panthers arms! 
The story is, both cats love to sleep there, as you can see.  One cat will get up and move away, and the other cat will immediately get in where the other cat was sleeping! 
Bella-Rosa is a bit camera shy, but not Romeo-Valentino, he loves the camera and is ready to pose anytime!
I have had trouble downloading my photo's from my camera and had to buy a card reader so I could get them off the camera.  I am still working on what the problem is, it was okay a week ago but not now:-(  
I am still trying to make some Christmas cards but need some inspiration!  They need to be quick and easy - do you have any idea's?!  Okay, I have to go now, things to do!
Enjoy your day!  {HUGS} from me to YOU:-)
Thanks for dropping by:-) 

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