I'm still giggling. A customer of ours emailed today after receiving the newsletter: "Hi there! I was very interested in your latest news letter, which I just received this afternoon, especially this bit...
"How about those men in your life? Aren't they amazing? They take out the rubbish, squash scary spiders, dispose of dead animals, back the trailer artfully, and (hopefully) they give you a nice back rub when you're feeling tense."
This (below) is my reply..)
Goodness me,do you have any of these men in stock??! Age, height or nationality not an issue! My man doesn't do any of these, in fact he is phobic about spiders and dead animals, and as for "artfully" backing a trailer... the last time he did that he took out the half the neighbours fence, the letterbox (ours not theirs) and two huge ceramic pot planters. Never again. Oh, and the back rub? Last time I got one of those from him he grabbed the tube of TOOTHPASTE instead of massage cream...say no more! And taking out the rubbish? Really, they do that?! My man is allergic to the bin, so I have to do it. Never mind that I have probably just had my nails done!
So, please, if you have any of those wonderful helpful men in stock, PLEASE send me one! Charge it to my account, cost not important!
P.S. When are you having your wonderful pop-up shop back in West Auckland again?! I need my rubber-fix! Many thanx for making me laugh! I will be checking my mail box daily for my wonderful new helpful man!:-)
Yours in desperation...
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Sapphire Rose

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Sapphire Rose I am the author of that, and I hope you all enjoy it! Happy crafting:-)
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Artfull Crafts juanita here . Who were you talking about in the news letter? I know it wasn't Graham lol
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Sapphire Rose

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Jean Lake Yes!!! Please can I have one of those too. My model took off with another woman, years ago. That didn't last, then he had the cheek to ask to come back home!!!! No thanks. I want one of your models. He sounds perfect. P.S. I'm 76 but I don't mind what age you send me. Lot of work around here for him.
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Artfull Crafts Oh dear! Sounds like lots of sadness, but your sense of humour is still in tact.
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Vicki Howey Too funny
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Artfull Crafts Still giggling!
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Mandy Blake haha love it and I'd love to order one too!!! happy to wait for back orders if stock is LIMITED!!!!
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Lyn Frazer Brilliant- I hope you receive said request goods ASAP!!
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Michelle Gardiner What a creative that lady is I loved her sense of humour!!!
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Philippa Foes-Lamb Giggle, delightful!!!
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Judith Woodward Love it!
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Anne Bray Love it love it
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Nicky Durie Awesome
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Tracey Reynolds Love it!
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Vivian Roughan Delightful
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Heather Daniel I must admit I quoted this to someone in the office!