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Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Another Santa Parade!

Well we all know who this guy is, don't we!  I have to say, he gets around, because I am seeing him everywhere at the moment!  These photos were all taken at the New Lynn Lions Christmas Parade last Saturday.  A beautiful warm sunny day:-)
Some of the pipe band, and yes, they had Bagpipes! 

Some lovely ladies whom I think were from a dance group that was at the Parade. 
 Woohoo!  Bagpipes!!

 A basket full of lollypops!  And yes, I got one!  Although I am sure it isn't gluten free:-(
 A cute and colourful train makes a great resting place for tired bodies!

Oh my gosh, what a cute wee face she has!  Love those lips and eyes!
This wee boy was sitting int he Police car wearing the Policemens hat!  The kids loved this and the queue was very long!  I was lucky and got a lot of photo's of the kids wearing the police hat.
Just love the artwork! 
Love the butterfly, so soft and pretty! 
While sitting in the Police car, the kids were allowed to try out the siren and the loud speaker.  This created lot's of fun and laughter! 
This little girl was a bit shy, but managed a smile for me!
 OMG look at this little cutie pie!  She was soooo cute in her little red Christmas scarf!
Below is a very tall Christmas Elf!  Way taller than everyone else!

 Love those rainbows!  Lot's of kids had their faces painted, some with animals faces and others with rainbows!  So much fun!
This little girl was riding one of Santas Reindeer! 
OMG what a cute face! 
More rainbow face painting!  So pretty! 
 Some colourful ladies (and man) with the fairy!  I have photographed this fairy many times at various parades.  She is so nice and the kids just LOVE her!  (Me too!)

A close up of the fairy!  Love the decorations in her hair! 
Some lovely dancing ladies.  Very nice to watch! 
And this was written on the back of a t. shirt! Such true words!  I took hundreds of photo's, way too many to put on here!  Hope you enjoyed your visit! {HUGS} from me to YOU:-)

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I imagine those lollies are gf!