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Friday, 23 December 2016

60th Birthday Thank You Cards, And More!

These are some of the thank you cards I stamped and coloured.  I stamped and  water coloured  them, and hand delivered the ones that I could.  I used my Hampton Art Stamp Perfect to stamp the cards - sooooo quick and easy to use!  I had the cards done in a minute as opposed to taking me about 10 minutes or so!  
Below is one of my Birthday cards, this one opens up like those box cards us stampers make!  This one has a cute kitten on it!  So cute and PINK! 
Here, below, is the Hampton Art Stamp Perfect that "The Birthday Elf" gave me for Christmas!!  An early gift!  I just love it, and it is so quick and easy to use.  I can use both clear and rubber mounted stamps.  I {heart} it!

This is a closeup of one of the roses from a bunch I got for my Birthday!  So pretty, and they have such a gorjuss perfume!  I can smell them all through the house!
Some of my Birthday balloons!  One of my friends bought a whole pile of PINK Princess balloons, and she very kindly blew them all up herself!  The Princess ones are below.
This is my cousin Deanna, in my recycle bin!!  She didn't know I was taking photos of her and she has no idea she is on my blog either! I took this through the glass window, so that is why it isn't clear.  Look at those "Nana undies" she has on!  I have to say, she is OLDER than me!  She was trying to squash the rubbish down so we could fit more in!  
And this is a baby bird I rescued from the front lawn recently.  He had fallen out of the nest and was too young to fly.  I picked him up and put some straw in a small box and put him there.  I put some fluff from an old pillow in the box, as well as a small heated wheat bag to keep him warm.  I fed him mashed up cat food!  I called the local bird rescue and they took him to loo after.  He was so cute:-)  Once he was kept warm and I had fed him a few times, he perked right up.  He will be well looked after at the Bird Rescue. 
And this is me, the Birthday girl, offering Romeo-Valentino some champagne!!  He was not impressed at all!   
Oh no!  It's that cousin again, trying on one of my sun hats! 
These are my flowers, (below) the ones on the right were from Olivias garden.   

Some of my guests...and Romeo-Valentino! 
These are the roses someone gave me. Thanks for dropping in, hope are having a great day!  {HUGS} from me to YOU:-)

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twinkletoe said...

Looks like you had a fabulous time, lots of happy memories to keep you going for the next year. Love seeing the balloons, gifts, friends and of course your cousin! xx