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Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Vellum Pocket Cards and More!

 This is a vellum card I made which has two pockets/sides.  Quick and easy to make:-)  The top photo is the front of the card.
 The bottom photo is the two little cards that fit into the pockets.  I put some white card on so I can write/stamp a message on them.
 Here are two others that I made. I used different vellum for each pocket card.
 The cats below is a card from a friend for my birthday the other day!  They are in a circle and one of them holds a tiny card in his mouth!  Sooooo cute!

 Here's a view of the other side of the cats!  They look very happy don't they, dancing round in a circle!
 Below is another cat card I received awhile ago, from the same person who gave me the circle of cats card.  This is so cute as it is just folded in a certain way and the cat stands up!
 And last but not least is a horse card also from the same person that I got awhile ago.  The horse also stands up by himself!
All of these cards fit into a normal size envelope as they close up flat.  Thank you for dropping by, {Hugs from me to YOU:-)
This is possibly my last post until after Christmas when things settle down.  I hope all my readers have a happy, safe Holiday Season!

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twinkletoe said...

Oh those cards are so adorable. Love the kittys!