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Saturday, 13 April 2013

"Do Not Disturb!"

This is "Romeo-Valentino" asleep on his climbing tree!  His back legs sticking out one end & his head at the other end!  Not to mention hi tummy hanging down in the middle!  There is a large hole in the centre of the bit he is asleep on & usually I have a piece of carpet over it so he doesn't fall through.  However this day I had taken the carpet out to clean it.  Before I had finished Ro-Ro" was back on the climbing tree & fast asleep!  I was sorely tempted to tie an elastic belt around him in case he slipped right through the hole!  (Bungy jump anyone?!) He would not have been amused at all!  I was also tempted to hang a sign on his foot!  (I didn't do that, either.  I know my limits!)
He is the 'character' (aka goof-ball) of the family, "Bella" is more 'refined' and doesn't often do stupid things like "Ro-Ro" does!  
By the way, the little pink cushion hanging there, says, "Cutie Patootie", and that is what I have always called him!  "Bella" has one that says, "The Princess Sleeps Here", and she has always been called The Princess!
Me??  I'm the Drama Queen, but have yet get myself a sign!
Okay, that's me for today!  Thanks for visiting, {{HUGS}} from me to YOU:-)

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