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Thursday, 25 April 2013

ANZAC Day 2013

 This is what I saw when I walked up the road to Titirangi Village shops this afternoon. The traffic roundabout is at the top of the road and someone (or several someone's!) had "planted" 100's of gorgeous hand made Poppies for ANZAC Day.  They are made from what looks like felt material with black buttons sewn in the centers.
 I had been to the supermarket and my way home, just past the traffic Island I met a lady who had been taking photo's of these Poppies.  We stopped and chatted about how beautiful they were and how, if you came back on Sunday you would be gifted a Poppy with the promise that you had to do something kind and peaceful for someone.
 I told the lady, her name was Carly, that I was going to walk home and get my camera (We both have Canon camera's) and come back to take some photo's of the Poppies.
 She insisted that she drive me home to get my camera.  So that's what she did.  I only live about 2 minutes drive from the Poppies but it is up a very steep hill.
 Carly stopped outside my place and told me go and get my camera and she would drive me back up the (horribly steep) hill so I could take some photo's.  So I did.
 She then dropped me back at the Village and these are some of the photo's I took. (I went overboard and took heaps!)  I don't know this wonderfully kind lady, but I do know that somewhere along life's highway she will be rewarded for her kindness and generosity of spirit.
 I gave her my business card with my blog address so one day she might have a look at my art work  and also see these photo's I took.  And she will get to know me a bit more by reading my blog.
 It is a very busy road and there are five roads converging on the traffic island where the Poppies are.  
I have no peripheral vision so it was a big challenge for me to keep crossing the roads to get photo's from all angles!
 Another very kind lady whom I do not know, came to my aid and kindly helped me cross so I could some close up shots of the Poppies.
I am so grateful I live in a country where total strangers will reach out and offer you help  if you need it.
Thank you so much to both wonderful ladies, especially you Carly!  You are truly a wonderful, kind person!
I hope our paths cross again sometime!
And thank you to all those wonderful Anzacs who fought for our freedom.  I am where & who I am today because of your courage & belief in our beautiful countries.  Both New Zealand & Australia.
And last but not least this is Bella sitting on one of my new chairs I got free from the side of the road a few weeks back! They are very comfortable, and in great condition, and I am going to put some flat cushions on them.  Those tie on ones.
And that is Romeo in the background, sitting on top of the tv!  His favourite place to watch the birds from as he can see them up close when they land on the top of the carport roof which is close to the window he is looking out!  I tried to get Bella to look at the camera but she was busy having a wash!  Anyway, it was the chair I was focused on!  Funny how both cats seem to get into all my photo's, no matter what it is I am photographing!  (In their eyes they are celebrities and I am the PAW-parazzi!!)
Thanks for visiting, {{HUGS}} from me to YOU:-)

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