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Saturday, 29 May 2010

Oh My Gosh..I'm Back!

Well here I am! It was a bit of a challenge to make these cards but I DID IT! My health is slowly improving every day, & every day I feel a little bit stronger:-) Ok, so my MS punches!
The top card is one I made for a very special friend who literally 'rescued' me when I was stranded in hospital in my pj's with no way of getting home! Not only did she 'rescue' me but she drove me home, made us a nice hot cup of tea, bought my washing in off the line folded it & put it way AND washed & dried my dishes for me! A few hours later she drove me back to the hospital as I became unwell again & she stayed with me for two hours. Now this may not sound much but this wonderful lady really has panic attacks when she enters a hospital, something I did not know until much later. So her help was very much appreciated. Now that's what I call a real friend:-)
Anyway, I digress (which I usually do..) but I also made her a little set of note cards which I totally forgot to photograph:-( Oh well!
The second card has a 'frame' on top of the lady, it is a bit hard to see but maybe if you click on the picture you might get a better idea. I used sponge tape to give it height. I've used MS punches on both cards..can't you tell?!
Ok, thanks so much for visiting, hope you have a great weekend:-)
{{HUGS}} from me to you:-) P.S...I like your smile...

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misstwinkletoe said...

Thats a true friend. You never know - it might help with her panic attacks too!! Glad you're back being crafty!