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Thursday, 9 March 2017

Asters, "Bella-Rosa," and A Calendar Stamp!

I planted these Asters about 7-8 weeks ago. They were totally out of season, but luckily they grew well!
Because the seedlings were a bit fragile, I planted them in a big pot so I could make sure they were ok.  A few weeks later these are the flowers I got!  I just love the vibrant colours of them!

And below is "Bella-Rosa" getting 'cheek to beak' with"Pinkie the Pelican" who happens to be a large garden ornament! 
I think she was saying, "You scratch my chin and I'll polish your beak!"  "Pinkie" was happy to oblige!

Below are some of the pale pink Asters. They have been flowering for a few weeks now.  I was given a huge bunch of Asters for my birthday in December and I saved all the heads and dried them.  Now I have a big container of Aster seeds and have planted some in a large pot.  It's out of season for them to grow, but who knows they may just take!  If not, I have plenty left and will sow them in the early Spring.

Ok, now for the Calendar bit!  I am trying (with not much luck so far!) to buy a calendar rubber stamp.  I just want the numbers 1-31. No border or anything, just the numbers and months. I recently bought one online only to discover it wasn't one stamp but each number was a separate stamp!  31 TINY stamps!   Trying to attach each number onto a clear block AND get each line straight almost drove me insane!  (It was about then I thought maybe it was time I gave up stamping as it was bad for my mental health!!) It was a Kaisercraft Stamp.  It looked like it was one stamp until I tried to peel it off the plastic - then each number came off separately:-(  
Does anyone know who makes calendar stamps??  Can you email me here if you can help, please!  I prefer clear stamps, but I will look at anything.  Thank you in advance!
Thanks for dropping by, {HUGS} from me to YOU:-) 

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