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Monday, 23 January 2017

Bus Versus Car = Crash!

I've just photographed yet another car crash! The yellow car above had some battery problems and had temporarily parked at the end of the bus stop.   I was waiting for the bus to come home and seen the car come to a halt at the traffic lights.  They pushed the car into the bus stop until help arrived.
Along comes the bus (the one I was waiting for) and as he went passed the parked yellow car, he hit the back of it and these are the scrape marks along the entire length of the bus!  With no "real" camera with me, I pulled my mobile phone out that has a camera and took these photo's. 

I was surprised at how many scrape marks were along the bus.  From front bumper to the back of the bus was marked. 
The bus driver wasn't happy and when the driver of the yellow car approached him, it seemed like he was trying to deny he had hit the car.  With four witnesses (I was one!) he couldn't deny it. 

Here is the front of the yellow car - no number plate...and on the back of the car was a dealership number plate..
...and here (below)you can see he doesn't have a warrant of fitness for the car, so it shouldn't even be on the road!  The blank white piece of paper is where the current W.O.F would normally be.  The car was not in good shape, and the photo above shows 2 big cracks where the number plate should be. From what I could see it was a BMW.  I hope the driver didn't buy the car, and if he did I hope he got his money back!  You bought a dud, dude!

This is the back of  the car where the bus hit it.  A mashed light and a bit o a dent.  Luckily no-one was injured and both parties exchanged insurance information.

How are you going to explain this to the boss?! 
For such a small "crash", the bus has a lot of scrapes along it!
So who was at fault?  The bus hit the car - four witnesses saw it happen.  The car was parked with it's back end out toward oncoming traffic because the battery had died in the middle of an intersection.  But was the car roadworthy??  No number plate and no warrant or registration.  Were both drivers in the wrong??  No idea!
The bus was held up for about 15 minutes while everyone swapped names and addresses etc, and then we boarded the bus and I was on my way home!  I am packing my Canon camera in my hand bag and taking it every time I go out from now on!  I see car crashes and other incidents all the time and I want to capture them on my proper camera! Lesson learnt, Sunshine!!
Enjoy your day!  Thanks for dropping by, {HUGS} from me to YOU:-)

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twinkletoe said...

Wonder if the bus has cameras. The buses here have about 14 cctv cameras on them, both inside and outside. I think they will both be in trouble!