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Sunday, 3 July 2016

"Jack Lives Here"

No!  Not Jack Daniels - Jack Frost!!  These two photo's were taken early Saturday morning.  My back lawn was covered in white frost!  It was  -0 overnight and COLD:-(

I made this cat card using a die from Marianne Collectables, and it comes with a set of five word stamps.   
I'm going to show you how I adhered it to the card without using glue, glue dots,  or sticky tape!  First of all I cut a piece of black card a bit bigger than the actual die. 
Then I adhered a piece of Jac paper (double sided clear sticky paper,  Scor Tape woks the same way) to one side of the black card.  This is what it looks like, below.  Leave the other piece of backing paper on the Jac paper for now.
Place your die, cutting side up, on your die cutting mat and place the black card with Jac paper on, on top of the die, Jac paper side up, as shown in the above photo, and run it through your die cutting machine.  I run mine through a couple of times to make sure it had cut cleanly.

 The photo above is what it will look like now.  Carefully remove the unwanted black card and this is what you get, below.
Carefully remove the black card cats from the die and you get this, below.
This is what the die cut cats look like with the backing paper still on, once you remove it from the die.
Carefully remove the backing paper from the die cut cats and you now have a sticky pair of cats ready to adhere to a card, as seen below!  No glue, no glue dots no sticky tape, NO MESS!! This idea works great with intricate dies with little delicate fiddly pieces. (But you can use it on ANY die!) Using glue on tiny delicate pieces of card is a challenge and can be messy, with disastrous results.  THIS way, with the Jac paper, or Scor Tape, it will work every time, and is clean and neat, no un-wanted sticky bits of glue on your card in the WRONG place,  that you now have to put an  embellishment on that you really don't want!  I hope you try this idea and let me know how it worked for you!

And we had another frost here this morning! We don' often have frosts back to back, but the temps have been very low over night lately.  Gorjuss sunshiney days with no clouds, but oh-so-cold at night:-(  So yes, Jack lives here...

Thanks for visiting, hope you enjoyed your visit and come back soon!  {HUGS} from me to YOU:-)

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Lorraine said...

Great tip for those dies! Love those cats in the moonlight. Wishing you warmer days.