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Saturday, 28 May 2016

A Colourful Week!

 I made this card using the SU Hardwood stamp, and turned it into a fence!  The cute birds are the ones Lorraine sent me...perfect size for sitting on this fence!  Thanks again Lorraine, I'm having a lot of fun with them, and all the other bits you sent me!
 Here's the birds and squirrel up cute!
I'm 'nuts' about squirrels and wish I had one for a pet!!!
 Below is another card I made using the same SU Hardwood stamp, this time using a bigger bird die (Memory Box Gold Finch Style 98756).  I die cut a hole in the card so I could place one bird kind of perched on the hole.

 This is a new trimmer I got recently.  The cutting platform is 7 x 5 inches, which I find the PERFECT size for cutting card to layer with.  I find my bigger trimmer is harder to use ad I often end up with crooked card.  Not so with this 7 x 5 inch cutter!  It has a clear plastic "arm" to hold the card while you cut it.  This trimmer was recommended to me, and in turn I am recommending it to YOU!  I don;t know how I managed without it!  It is also very lightweight.  It is the same style as the Creative Memories on, just a different colour.
This is a card I made using an SU flower punch.  I can;t remember what it is called but it punches out 3 flowers at a time and has a matching stamp set.  I first sponged the background using two different stencils.  One is called Mini Tattered Lace and has four different patterns on the stencil.  Th other stencil is called Mini Chicken Wire and both stencils are from The Craft Workshop.  Thus was the first time I have used stencils so it was a bit of a gamble whether or not it was going to turn out ok!  I was happy with the results and will continue playing with the stencils.  The leaves are from an SU bird punch.  I drew the white lines by hand as the leaves were too strong a colour without the white.  Another use for my white gel pen!

 And these are some shots of a beautiful rainbow yesterday!  I was able to see the entire rainbow, but it quickly vanished when it suddenly poured with very heavy rain!  We are so close to it being Winter here, and we have had some horrible wet and cold days already.  I want to hibernate all come out in Summer!  My home is very icy cold and damp in Winter and I don't like/enjoy Winter AT ALL!!!  Even stamping becomes a challenge as my fingers get so cold I can't use them:-(  Please hurry back Summer!!

Well that's all I have for now, I may have more later, who knows!?  Thanks for dropping by, I hope you left with a smile! Come back soon!  {HUGS} from me to YOU:-)


twinkletoe said...

Sorry Sunshine, you need to have some winter so we can have some summer!! I remember us looking for squirrels in LA when you visited. I don't like them too much since one bit me!
Beautiful cards though!

Lorraine said...

Beautiful cards. I like the little squirrel with his acorns. Very cute. Great job with the stencils. I love how you have combined them. And how wonderful to catch that rainbow! I hope you have a mild winter and we have a mild summer - oh, heck, I think it should be only spring and fall!