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Thursday, 21 April 2016

Flowers, Photo Frame, Bookmark, and other Bits!

The lavender flower above, and the pink flower below are both made of card.  I found some instructions on the interweb and made these two!  You spritz them with water and scrunch them up.  When they dry they are hard!  I will be making some more in the future.  I just wanted to see how they turned out - I like them!  I used a set of flower dies for both flowers.  Lot's of fun:-)
The lavender flowers below are REAL!  I think it is related to the Sinningia family.  Not sure of the spelling!  The flowers are so delicate and pretty.

The photo below is of the entire plant.  It hangs down and grows very quickly.  In fact, each leaf will grow if it falls into the pot plant!  This is one of my favourite plants. You may be asking, "What is the stack of egg cartons doing in the background?!"  I know I am!  I was so focused on taking the photo I forgot to remove them first!  I keep them for my two cats, "Bella-Rosa" and "Romeo-Valentino" to scratch on!  I accidentally discovered them both scratching on an empty carton one day, so I figured I would keep them for future use for the cats! Cheap entertainment and saves them scratching on any furniture!

 Below is a small photo frame I made.  I have to find a photo small enough to go inside!
I've used the SU Botanical Builder dies, and sponged Blackberry Bliss ink in the center of each flower.  LOVE that colour ink! 
OMG this is SO out of focus  (above!) :-(  Apologies!
 On the small flower, above, I cut the tiny leaves from some craft foam to add a different dimension.  You probably can't tell by this photo.
And this is a bookmark I made!  I used a piece of ribbon, some gold elastic and a tea pot shaped button.  I took five minutes to make:-)   For those curious to know..the book is a Rod McKuen book!
These bookmarks would make great presents!  And I have plenty of fancy shaped buttons... 
Now for some good news!  A few posts back I showed you my "We R Memory Keepers" Envelope Punch Board that  sprung apart when I was using it.  You may remember I mentioned I had sent an email to WRMK asking them if it was possible to fix it.  You may also remember that I mentioned that WRMK did not bother to reply, which I may have mentioned left me feeling a bit cranky at their (what I felt was) total lack of respect for a customer. Well, some good news!  I took the WRMKEPB back to the shop I had bought it from, and they replaced it free of charge!!  So A big thank you to WAREHOUSE STATIONARY in New Lynn!!  You guys rock!  Even though I had purchased it over a year ago and had no receipt for it, you replaced it.  Thank you!!
Okay, the photo below is of my new guillotine I got a couple of weeks ago.  I posted on here that the one I had, had a crooked grid and I was not able to cut perfect straight edges:-(    Bummer:-(
I found this one (Brand new) on for $17 which included $6 postage.  It is 12x10 inches and is fabulous!  I can now cut things straight!  Yay!  This was bought from a company called Check them out if you want a really great guillotine...and straight edges for your cards!

Okay, that's me for now!  Thank you for visiting, I hope you left here with a smile...come back soon!  {HUGS} from me to YOU:-)

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twinkletoe said...

You did a good job scrunching those flowers. Love the egg boxes, you must eat a lot of eggs.Time to give the kitties one for a play. xx