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Monday, 21 September 2015

Update On Being Coeliac

It's almost nine weeks since I was diagnosed with having Coeliac Disease.  I have been 100% gluten free since then, with the minor exception of when I accidentally ate a small amount of  'something with gluten in it', and became very unwell within an hour!  Wow, that was an interesting experience!  It ended up putting me in hospital for 24 hours - lesson learnt, read labels well before consuming anything!
I feel better being gluten free, however I have noticed four things.  One is I feel very cold all the time.  I know we are only just out of Winter and into Spring, so our weather is still a little cool.  But this is different.  My hands and feet are just freezing cold, numb and white.  If I put my hands in warm water to thaw out, my fingers go from white to a dark purple/black colour.  Eventually they do go pink.  This has never happened to me before and I noticed it  after becoming gluten free.  The second thing I noticed after being GF is my hair has become very dry and 'fluffy'.  This too is not normal for me.  The third thing  is I am hungry all the time and feel like I need to eat every couple of hours.  None of these things are "normal" for me and only occurred since I went GF. I am also suffering from a lot more fatigue than usual.  I have had M.E. for the last 14+ years and know I am fatigued 24/7, but his is different.  The fatigue is much worse than  what I usually have.  My GP did extensive blood tests thinking maybe I had another attack of Glandular Fever, and to my utter annoyance they came back 'normal'!  Except for my Iron levels which were low.  I am working on that by eating more red meat and vegetables rich in iron.  Does anyone else who is Coeliac have the same issues?   Does it settle down?  Will I always have problems with feeling so cold?  I hope not!  Although I have always felt the cold it has never been like this.  
I am still waiting to see a dietician and will ask her/him about these issues.  Some immediate help after being diagnosed would have really helped:-(   I am also struggling to find local cafe's  that serve gluten free food so I can have lunch while I am out.  Sushi is the only thing I have found so far!  Just as well I like Sushi huh!!  *Sighhh*  Crack open the Rice crackers...
Okay, that's it for now, thanks for reading this!  {HUGS} from me to YOU:-)

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