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Saturday, 26 September 2015

Fern Fronds

 I live in the Waitakere  Ranges where there are 1,000's of hectares of beautiful Native bush.  Nestled among the thousands of trees are thousands if these Ponga Ferns.  These photo's are of the fronds before they are open.  I am fascinated by them!  I think they are beautiful.
 There is a wooden walkway through the bush beside the Titirangi library and this is where I took these photo's today. 
 Every frond is tightly curled up almost into a knot!  Amazing!
 If you look closely you can see the baby fronds ready to uncurl.
 I am lucky because these ferns grow wild and are everywhere.
 It's so amazing how they are curled so tightly, and if I go back in a weeks time they will be much more open.
 How will they look when they are open?  See the green fern in the background?  That's what they will look like when fully grown!
And this is a fern frond of another kind!  This is commonly known as a "Ladder Fern" and grows very rapidly.  It will take over any space it can.  I have it in my garden.  
Okay, so that's my adventures for the last few days!  Hope you have enjoyed your visit!  {HUGS} from me to YOU:-)

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twinkletoe said...

Beautiful, thanks for the fern lesson.