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Wednesday, 18 May 2011

A Wild, Fun Day At The Beach!

These photo's were taken a few hours ago when a friend & I went to one of the local West Coast beaches, French Bay. It is only ten minutes from where I live. I have swum here 100's of times. In the summer it is beautiful. In the winter it is wild & untamed, and still beautiful.
We were only there a short time as it was very windy, cold & wet.
The top photo was taken using my zoom lens and was a very long way away. I bought it up as close as I could without actually getting in the water!
The photo of the tree bits was interesting, there was this tree with all these bits growing DOWN instead of up towards the sky!
The other photo's are of some waves splashing over the edge of the boat ramp.
Mr. Seagull was hoping for some tasty morsel to be thrown up by the rough seas, sadly he got nothing! I tried to persuade him to come closer to the camera but he was too wary & kept his distance. Just as well I have a long zoom lens!
The minute we got back in the car he came up really close..too late Mr. Seagull, I am going home now!
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twinkletoe said...

Those are some great photos - sounds like you had fun!!