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Saturday, 1 July 2017

Floating Tea Cup

Above is my first Floating Tea-cup I made!  It was so much fun to make, although it was messy! I used a cup and saucer from the Op Shop.  Under the blue flowers are some sinkers.  I used these because the cup can be a bit top heavy and tip the saucer up.   The flowers are fro the $2 Shop and I already had those left over from another project.  I will be making more of these and will sell some for pocket money!  
Below is yet another car crash I came across recently.  Not exactly sure what happened, but no-one was injured.
The car below only has a small dent just below the indicator light.  It seems like this car (below) was in the right, from what I know.

Here (below) is how "Bella-Rosa" sleeps...curled up nicely in her little bed! 
And below is how "Romeo-Valentino" sleeps...hanging half off the bed!  He seemed comfortable enough and stayed there for sometime!  Oh to be a cat?!
 And here he is in my shopping trolley!  

These are a sequence of photos showing "Romeo-Valentino" spying on "Bella-Rosa".  He is hiding in between the fridge and the wall.  "Bella" is through the curtains, sitting by the back door.
 Here he is trying to sneak up on "Bella."  
Below you can see him peeking through the side of the curtain looking for "Bella". He is very naughty and jumps on her when she comes through the curtain.  However, "Bella" knows what he is up to and she will go back through the laundry and bathroom, up the hall and come back out through the lounge, which totally confuses "Romeo"!  You can see the back of "Bella" in between the curtains.  This is a daily ritual and is very entertaining to watch!
 Thanks for dropping by, enjoy your weekend!
{HUGS} from me to YOU:-)


Lorraine said...

How clever are those tipping tea cups. And very pretty. Hope you do well with them.

twinkletoe said...

A naughty kitty!