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Thursday, 17 November 2016

Early Morning Surprise In My Garden!

A nice surprise this morning was to ind this gorjuss Wood Pigeon sitting in the tree's! They are big birds and it isn't often I get to see one this close.  I took these photos from directly underneath him.  I was very surprised he did not mind me being there with the camera!  He was very obliging and posed nicely for the camera!  

I first spotted him from my kitchen window, and thought it was a white plastic bag stuck in the tree!  I could only see the white bit as the rest of him as camouflaged by the tree and the blue sky.  So, of course, being curious as to what was in the tree, I went outside with my camera and discovered it was actually a Wood Pigeon! He was up quite high and I had to use my zoom lens to get him.  He stayed int he tree for about twenty minutes, so I was able to admire him for some time!  

This photo is of the Super Moon early in the morning.  I never got to see it at night because it was too cloudy:-(  But I managed to wave it good bye early this morning!  I guess it's not so "Super" now! 
This is one of my Geraniums I have growing. It's such a pretty pink colour and I notice the bumble bees love it as much as I do!  The flowers grow in clusters and don't open any further than this.  
Thanks for dropping by, {HUGS} from me to YOU:-)


Lorraine said...

I am so glad to see your post. Of course I love the bird, but I had a little geography lesson this week wondering where you were after the earthquake. I hoped I figured it out correctly, but wondered nonetheless. Glad that you're safe and able to enjoy the birds and the moon. Keep safe friend.

twinkletoe said...

Glad he did not poo on your head!