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Monday, 13 January 2014

My Favourite Flowers

 These are my all time favourite flowers at the Auckland Domain.  Anytime I visit there in the summer, these are the flowers I always photograph.  The white one above was in the indoor pond, and the purple one was in the big pond outside.  The white one has a slight pink blush which fades to white as it opens out further.  
The one thing that bothered me that day was, there was a big sign by the indoor pond asking people to please NOT put their hands in the water.  There are fish in there and as well as that the oil and grease form your hands affects the plants and also the fish.  I saw many people choose to ignore this sign and put their hands in the water.  Shame there wasn't a shark in there, people might have taken a bit more notice of the sign then! 
I had taken a train into the Auckland Domain last week as it was such a gorgeous hot sunny day.  It's not far from here by train and is a very pleasant ride.  There are acres and acres of lush green grass with gently rolling slopes; tree's galore and of course, the gardens which I love, and the Museum too.  Although it was busy there is plenty of room for everyone.  It was so relaxing and peaceful and great to get away from it all for the day.  I came home feeling very relaxed and chilled out - slightly sun kissed and very happy!  I will go again sometime this summer as it is such a beautiful place.  If you visit Auckland you must go here!  Google Auckland Domain and see for yourself!
Thanks for visiting, sunny {{HUGS}} from me to YOU:-)


twinkletoe said...

I googled the Domain - its a very interesting place and your photos are just beautiful. XX

Lorraine said...

Sometimes a shark might come in handy - HA! The flowers are beautiful. Glad you are enjoying your summer.