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Monday, 7 May 2012

A Rude Awakening

Here's what happens when you drink and drive at 6.50 am in the morning. Not a wise decision. I was woken by a very loud crash, an explosion and then a huge flash of light around 6.50 am Sunday morning. A car had raced up the road and crashed head on into a concrete lamp post opposite my place. The power lines had broken and were lying across the road. The power was off for three hours. The concrete lamp post was cracked & broken at the bottom and the force of the car hitting it had pushed the post over a foot forward. Luckily the post was still standing. The driver was taken to hospital but thankfully no-one else was injured. The local fire brigade asked for copies of my photo's for their facebook page,so I've emailed the photo's to them. When the power did finally come back on I was able have my breakfast and a very much needed cup of tea! But!! Half an hour later the power went off again. When it came back on an hour later, the first thing I did was fill up my thermos flask with boiling water...I was not missing any more cups of tea! UPDATE: (May 27t 2012) I have since heard from the police that the driver of this car is in a serious condition in hospital.

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Lorraine said...

Oh, that must have been frightening with the sound and the flash. Not to mention being cut off without power. Thank goodness you thought of the thermos!