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Sunday, 20 November 2011

Late Night Fun!

It was getting late when I finished these two cards, close to midnight! The cat in the stocking card was modelled on "Ro-Ro", can't you tell! He has tried, in vain, to get in the Christmas stockings I have on the Christmas tree but alas and alack, he cannot fit! Anyway I used the new SU stocking punch & some of the Raspberry Razzle card. Yumm, love that colour!
The 'shabby chic' sort of card took on a life of it's own which is why I was still making it at midnight! It wasn't going to have so much 'stuff' on it but it just seemed to glue itself to the card! Before I knew it, it was 11.59 pm & I said, 'I'm outta here', put the cap on the glue, and off I went to bed!
Ok, so that's all for this weekend, hope you had a great time! {{HUGS}}From me to YOU:-)

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