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Monday, 24 January 2011

What Do You Do...

...when the "Inspiration Fairy" has left you and you WANT to stamp but you're just not inspired by anything??
I've trawled the Internet & looked at heaps of fabulous blogs, all with wonderful cards etc, been to SCS & found heaps of great stuff...but I just can't quite get inspired to stamp:-(
I was thinking of starting a stamp group where like minded people could meet (at my place, I have plenty of room etc) & we could encourage & inspire eachother & learn new things! Would anyone be interested?! I feel that I need (want!) to stamp with other stampers rather than by myself. Leave me a comment below if you are interested or know where I can find the "Inspiration Fairy"...
(PS I live in West Auckland)

1 comment:

twinkletoe said...

Wish I could but it's too far!! I need inspiration too!