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Saturday, 15 August 2009

Have you heard...

the "cat-flap" joke yet??! Here it is ...if my eyes are the windows of my soul, does that make my back-side the cat-flap??! Ok, now that I have that out of the way, here is the's quite true!
There I was sitting on my cat-flap having a quiet cup of tea. (They never talk to me these cups of tea...)
Anyway, "Ro-Ro" (That cute black & white fur-child of mine) comes running out of the bathroom with this MOUSE in his mouth, tossing it up in the air & generally having a blast with it! Me?? I'm screaming like a banshee (words too obscene to print - use your imagination!) "Ro-Ro" put it down!!
Well, he did, right beside my left foot! Cup of tea went flying into outer space, cup fell on floor - no saucer was injured in this experiment! By now I am sitting cross-legged on the sofa still yelling un-printable expletives at "Ro-Ro" who by now had left the 'mouse' (it was dead) at my feet & wandered off...for a snack of cat biscuits!! (Another expletive!) How was I going to get this dead mouse out of the house?? My neighbour usually does it for me but SHE is in Rarotonga on holiday & I sincerely doubted that she was gonna jump on the next plane home to save me from a ...dead mouse??!!
"Ro-Ro had completely lost interest in the mouse but WAS fascinated by MY antics - he thought I was waving down a plane or something, arms going every which way all at once! Yeah, guess I musta looked funny!
Anyhow, I managed to calm down a wee bit, only a wee bit mind you & I VERY carefully had slightly closer look at the mouse just to make absolutely sure it WAS fact, on a MUCH closer inspection I discovered it was actually my MAKE-UP sponge he had killed, not a mouse after all!!!!!!!!
Geez Louis that cat gets me going! He just LOVES that make-up sponge, it's one of those little sea-sponges I think & is the size & shape of a (dead) mouse! The sponge was slightly wet too so it had a bit of weight when he was tossing it round which made it appear more like a dead mouse!
He couldn't figure out what the fuss was about was there a party going on & no-one told him??!!
Yes, I DO need stronger glasses...thank you "Ro-Ro"!
This has been added on 19th August 2009. To the smart-arse who left advertising on my comments form...put it where the sun don't shine mate. Keep your rubbish advertisements OFF MY BLOG!! As you will have noticed, if you are intelligent enough, you will see it has been deleted. Get a REAL job you loser. And leave other peoples blogs alone too. May the flea's of a thousand camels infest your underwear in peak hour traffic you snotty nosed little whip-dick in designer jeans!!


Anonymous said...
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Lorraine said...

Well, I think you told him. Between the mouse story and your little rant there, you had me in stitches. I'm so glad it wasn't a real mouse because you know they're never "the only one."