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Wednesday, 20 February 2019

My Left Foot =Ouch!

 Below is my cousins dog, called Atze.  He does have TWO ears, but the wind caught one ear which made it stand up!  He is almost  a year old, and is full of fun and loves to run!  Look at his cute bow tie!
 Below is my left foot, looking very swollen and very sore.  I have just been to see my doctor and he thinks I mat have a broken bone or two.  This was caused by the stupid woman who run me over on her mobility scooter on Boxing Day last year.  Both my feet are sore, but the left foot is the worst.  I now have to go and have my feet x-rayed to see if any bones are broken.  I have been hobbling around since the accident, and my foot has slowly gotten worse.  This photo was taken last night.

In the photo below I have my feet on my cats cooling gel mat!  It feels really nice on my sore foot!
 The last two photos are of the Sky Tower and some of Auckland City.  The skyline is on an angle because I was standing on some very loose gravel and I  moved when I took the photo!  Of course, I didn't realize this until I got home and looked at the photos on my laptop!  Oh well, the second photo's not bad!

I haven't done much craft work lately, with my foot being so painful I can't concentrate too well.
Thanks for dropping by, have a SUNSHINE day!  {HUGS} from me to YOU:-)

Friday, 15 February 2019

"Crash!", and Butterfly!

I was lying on my bed with a cold wet towel over my left foot and knee, trying to take the swelling down.  Suddenly, from outside there was a loud "CRASH!"  I jumped up, grabbed my camera and went outside.  These photos show what I saw.
 Smashed ceramic tiles all over the road!  What a mess they made.
I gave the guys from the truck my broom and spade so they could clean up the broken tiles.
(My broom, below, now has a starring role on my blog!!)

Apparently they had no idea there was any tiles in the bags.  The only thing that should have been in there, was the tree branches and other foliage rubbish.  
 Below is the truck the tiles fell off.  It took some time to sweep the road and pick up all the broken bits.  
 Below is one of the butterflies I cut out.  It is made to sit on the side of a glass.  I have other ideas for it.

Below is a close up of it, on the side of a champagne glass.  (No champagne, sadly!) 
The butterfly measures about 4 1/4 by 2 1/2 inches.
I have decorated this one with some clear gems that I glued on.  I covered the slit piece with some bigger gems.  You could easily use the butterfly on a card, or add it to a wrapped parcel.  

Thanks for dropping by, have a SUNSHINE day!  {HUGS} from me to YOU:-) 

Thursday, 14 February 2019


To the "Anonymous" person who is leaving me weird and grammatically incorrect comments, PLEASE STOP.  As you can see, your comments are not getting published.  Your comments have been reported, so PLEASE STOP.

Chinese New Year Celebrations

Last Sunday I went to the Chinese New Year Celebrations at a local park.  These are some of the photos I took.  I love thee orange flowers some of the ladies were making, and I would love to learn how to make them!

 Above and below is some kind of head gear.  I had hoped to get a photo of someone wearing it, but it was for display only.

 Above is a photo of the Bonsai display.  Some of them had miniature people in the display as well.  I think there is some in this photo, if you look closely.
Below is a "Caterpillar" rid for the kids.  The train went all round the park, following some of the many pathways.
The cups in the photo below represent a local business called Crown Lynn.  They used to make crockery (dinner plates, cups, saucers etc) using clay that was sourced from nearby.  This clay was THE best, and people came from all over NZ to buy the clay to make their own pottery.  Crown Lynn was very famous in it's hey day.  They are no longer there and have been closed for many years.  The Crown Lynn crockery has now become very collectable and sought after.  These cups in the photo are about 7-8 feet tall.
In the photos below are some of the kids who were doing different dancing and singing. 
Some of them had masks of different animals, and were mimicking the sound the animal made.  It was fun and the kids had a great time!
I am not sure who the guy in the photo below was supposed to be.  He was very popular and had a long line of people wanting their photo taken with him. 

The songs the ladies and kids were singing was all in Chinese, but it was still really enjoyable.   
These girls were fun to watch!  They looked so pretty in their pink costumes! 
It was an extremely hot/humid day that day, and sadly, there was not near enough shade.  I left earlier than I would have liked because of being so hot, plus the fact that my left foot and knee are still very painful and swell up like balloons.  As it was when I got home, I had trouble getting my left shoe off because my foot had swollen up so much.  I have to see my Doctor next week to see why it hasn't healed and is still so swollen.
Thanks for dropping by, have a SUNSHINE day!  {HUGS} from me to YOU:-)
Happy Valentines Day!   

Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Fairies and Valentines Day Gift!

I made the fairy (above) some time ago using some modelling clay.  She got put aside because I wasn't sure what to do with her!  Then, just before Christmas I found these wood slices in my local $2 Shop.  She fit perfectly onto the largest size, which is 41/2 inches diameter.  I used some contact glue to stick her to the wooden slice, and added some coloured star to finish it off.   The photo below shows the clear adhesive "thing"  used to hang it on the wall with.  I say "thing" because I have no idea what you all them!  I bought them sometime ago, also from the $2 Shop.  I knew I wold need them, one day!
On the wood slice below, I have stamped the words, "Believe in love".  I used a Versafine Onyx Black ink pad.  The ink did not bleed and it stamped clearly.  I added some tiny gold sparkly stars and a red felt heart and it was done! 
I used a new stamp and die set for the words on the envelope below.  I like how the "hugs" die cuts out the thin bit as well.  Sorry, that didn't sound right, did it?!  I am sure you guys know what I mean!  And I totally "forgot" to take a photo of the card I made:-(  I blame my bad memory (and everything else!) on the heat and humidity we are having.  I'm not complaining about the heat, but it is really getting to me.  Thanks to having M.E. and  CD, my energy levels are just about depleted.  I struggle to do ANYTHING!  I don't sleep well at night either, which doesn't help:-(

 Thanks for dropping by, have a SUNSHINE day!  {HUGS} from me to YOU:-)

Sunday, 27 January 2019

Just Dabbling!

This is a little note card I made this morning.  In the photo above, it looks PINK!  In reality it is WHITE!  Like the photo below, which is the inside of the card.  The cat stamp is from a little set I just got off AliExpress.  I got the matching dies as well. so cute and fun! 
The temperatures are going up the more we  get into Summer, and although I WANT to craft, I am struggling because it is so hot/humid.  Believe me, I am NOT complaining about the heat.  I can tolerate the heat (I actually thrive in the heat and humidity) but I don't do well in the cold.  Anyway, thanks for dropping by, have a SUNSHINE day!  {HUGS} from me to YOU:-) 

Wednesday, 23 January 2019

She Did This To Me and Almost Got Away With It.

I was re-interviewed by the Police yesterday, about the accident I was in on Boxing Day last year.  The Police came here to me and the interview lasted about 1 3/4 hours.  As well as re-counting the accident, where it happened, what time, who was involved etc etc, the Police took a Victims Impact Statement from me. The outcome is, the lady who hit me and run me over WILL be charged after all! As far as I know is being charged with careless use of a mobility scooter and injuring someone.  She will have to pay my medical bills.  As far as being compensated to for the trauma and disruption to my life goes, I have to wait and see.  There were a couple of 'mistakes' made by the Police in the beginning.  The first one is, the Police Officer in attendance of the accident, did not write a report about it, which he should have done. So there was no record of the accident. So basically that means, the Police knew nothing of the accident when I was interviewed the first time which was three days after the accident.  The second 'mistake' was, my statement was not immediately forwarded to the right person within the Police Department.  It sat in the computer but went nowhere.   So, still, no-one in the Police Department knew of the accident. Just as well I did not give up. 
It was, with the help of Victim  Support that got things moving again.  I knew the name of the Police who had interviewed me the first time, but not his surname, so the lady from Victim Support (Thank you Tracey Williams!) had a bit of a job tracking him down.  But she did!  It was after this the Police told me there was nothing they could charge LB (the lady who hit me) with.  The Police then asked if I wold send them copies of the photos I had taken of my injuries.  I did this and less than a week later I was re-interviewed and told she (LB) WILL be charged!  WOOHOO!  Justice, was a sweet word!  
It's taken a toll on me, with already having M.E. it has just drained me of energy and left me feeling flat.  I feel like I need to sleep for a week!  I will know more early net week.  The Police are going to see the lady who run me over on Sunday to give her a summons to go to court an to tell her she is being charged.  From there they will contact me to let me know what is happening.
For the last four days, I have been having issues with my feet.  I have bruised ankles from the accident, and now I have pain in my whole foot.  Both feet.   I really need to go back and see my GP and find out what is going on.  The Emergency Clinic I was taken to the day of the accident did not do any x-rays, I think they should have.  Now I will have to pay to have x-rays done.  Another expense I don't need:-(  A waste of good money that could be spent on CRAFT things!  Do you ever wish you could turn back time?!  I do!
Ok, I have to go and have breakfast now!  Thank you for your patience and understanding that I need to get this off my chest so I can move forward with my life:-)
Have a SUNSHINE day!  {HUGS} from me to YOU:-)