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Wednesday, 18 October 2017

"Thank You Card."

I just made this "Thank You" card this morning, using one of my $3 ebay buys!  The die is around 2 3/4's of an inch in width and height.  As you can see, it cuts and embosses.  
The "Thank You" stamp is one I have had for many years and is from a company called "Hooks Lines and Inkers" (DJ Inkers.)  I used a Birthstone Kaleidacolor stamp pad to stamp it.  That too is an old stamp pad and I am surprised it still works!
Here's a closeup of the corner with half pearls on it.  Below is the actual die I used.
White is a hard colour to photograph - too much light and it is just too white, and too dark and it looks weird.  If you double click on any of my photos, this will enlarge them so you can see the details better.

And below is my "Supervisor"..asleep on the job, again!  He loves his climbing tree but he needs much bigger platforms as he is a big bloke and not all of him fits on the platform!  He usually wraps himself around the pole and goes to sleep like that!  I didn't dare tell him his bum looks big on there!

Thanks for dropping by, have a SUNSHINE day!  {HUGS} from me to YOU!

Monday, 16 October 2017

New Cards and a Hip Replacement Operation for ME!

First of all, some good news...on the 31st of this month, October, I will be having my hip replacement operation!!  Yay! No more more disturbed sleep at having to take pain killers every four hours!!  Yay!  I have only been on the waiting list for the op since July, so that isn't too long:-) 
Ok, so on with the CRAFT stuff now!  The card at the bottom of this post is another Christmas one I made over the weekend.  I have started off by showing you how I make it step by step.  So below is the first step.  I lay the die face down on the card one cm away from the edge and the top and bottom of the red card.  It will also measure one cm on the other side when I put the die on the right hand side of the card.  You'll see in the 3rd photo what I mean.

Below is what it looks like when I have die cut the card once.
Below is where I have placed the die on the right, measuring it so it is one cm from the top and sides of the red card.
Below is what it looks like after running it through my Big Shot Plus.
In the photo below I have cut the center piece of the red card out. I measure it with a ruler on the bottom so I get it straight...or TRY to get it straight!
In the photo below I have glued it to a piece of gold foil card..a slow job because of all the tiny lacy bits from the die!  I use "Glossy Accents" with a very fine tip to glue things like this.  It's easier and less messy than my usual glue.
 In the photo below I have glued the red and gold card to a folded red card.
 And finally, below is the finished card!  I have used some gold corner stickers as well as some gold lines around the edges of the card.  I love red white and gold together for Christmas!
 I added a white Poinsettia flower made from some vellum, and die cut some gold leaves as well as a hessian star.  I stuck this to the card using some 3d foam tape.  No, I didn't make the vellum flower, those were some I bought from a local store.  I actually spent about four days running round trying to buy white flowers and couldn't find anything that was the right size and shape.  Then I was out with a friend and saw these flowers so I bought 2 sheets of them!
Below guessed it...another $3 die I bought from ebay!  And yes, all the dies I have bought from ebay are brand new, just un-branded.  This is such a pretty die and I had so much fun watching this card come together!
 I was lucky to have some sticky half pearls that were all connected in a long string.  By using these I was able to "curve" them as I wanted to, to follow the curve of the die.  A tad tricky and I (somehow) ended up with some pearls stuck in my hair!  #Note to self:  Tie your hair up next time so you don't get 'things' stuck in it!!  I also added some gold corner stickers and some sticky gold lines around the card.  The pink card inside also has four gold corner stickers as well as some sticky gold lines.  BTW, these sticky lines also stick well in my hair...don't even ask!!
Above is a closeup of the flower in the center, and some of the pearls.  I used the die on a diagonal angle for this card.
Above is the die I used and what it looks like when it is cut out. The die cuts and embosses at the same time.  I have to say, I find using these cut and emboss dies A LOT easier now I have the Big Shot Plus.  I always had trouble when I had my Cuttlebug.  The embossing never came out so well.
And above is "the Supervisor", (who only woke up for the photo!) the bloke who 'assisted' me with all my cards...he slept the whole time, in a box that was definitely too small for his bum, but he wedged himself in and had a darn good sleep while I slaved over my cards!!  ON my art desk, of course!  I know we both had a great time!
Thanks for dropping by, have a SUNSHINE day!
{HUGS} from me to YOU:-) 

Monday, 9 October 2017

Christmas Cards, Snow Peas, More New Dies and Pretty Trees!

I made this card above using my Eastern Medallion dies from SU.  I LOVE those dies!  I also have the  matching  stamp set, which I also LOVE!  Below is the closeup of the medallion.  I had so much fun making this card!
Below is one of the two Christmas cards I made over the weekend.  I used one of my new ($3) dies I got off
I am having a lot of fun with these new lacy dies and am finding new ways of using them each day.
Above is a closeup of the flowers in the center.
Above is another Christmas card I just finished this morning.  I used a different lacy die, also $3 from ebay.
Below is the die I used for both centers of the Christmas cards.  It is from a company called "Fancy That" from Australia.
Below is another set of $3 dies I got from ebay.  
And here is how they cut out.  They have "stitch" makes around the edges.  I love these too!  In fact, I love ebay!!  
Below is a sample I made up using some more $3 dies.  They also have "stitch" marks along them.
These (below) are the dies, there's four dies in the set.
Below is the die that I cut the houses off to put on the sample card above.
 And yes, her is yet ANOTHER set of three dollar dies from ebay!
They make up an ice block...but I want to use it to make Christmas Puddings!!  AS you can see!

 Here are the first of my snow peas!  There is about five or six on the vine so far, and I can't wait to eat them!  Yumm!
I just LOVE these beautiful white trees.  I see them in the distance across the road. In the photo below the sun was setting and it hit the white tree illuminating it among the other green trees.  I wish I had a better view of it, but there are too many trees in my way!
Thanks for dropping by!  Have a SUNSHINE day!  {HUGS} from me to YOU:-)

Sunday, 1 October 2017

Lacy Card and Two New Dies!

Here' a card I made using one of the 2 new dies I just got.
I bought the dies for around $3 each from  They are a 'no brand' die and I  only waited about 15 days from ordering to receiving them!  I don't mind waiting for them if I am only paying around $3!

 Not sure what happened here but I can't get the photos to go back to the center of the page:-(  Sigh.
 Above is the card with the actual die.  The dies are 5 3/4 inches in length and 2 inches in height. 
Here is the other die I got, showing what it looks like when it is cut out.  The quality of the dies are brilliant just very cheap, and yes, they are brand new dies!
 Above is my new Lavender plant.  It's actually a bright pink one and the perfume is just beautiful.  I have some in a vase beside my bed and the perfume goes right through the house!
This photo above is the flowers on my Snow Peas I have growing.  I have them in a bucket which is hanging off the handrail and they trail over a frame behind the handrail.  This way the snails can't get them before I do!

Above is what I created on Saturday!  I had saved some cans and painted them, then drilled some drainage holes in the bottom of each can.  I also drilled holes in the sides of each can.  I then hung them at different heights from a tree branch.  The longest can is threaded through the bottom of the blue can above it.  I used some wire I had left over from another project.  Once they were hung up I filled each can with some compost and soil and then put some plant cuttings in each can.
 I made this tea cup photo holder for someone I know who is having a baby boy in December.  It's been awhile since I made any of these and it was lots of fun to make!  The teacup is filled with Plaster of Paris and once it sets a bit, I put the wire in.  Once it is completely set I decorated the cup with little baby bits.  You can see them in the closeup photos below.
 The spiral wire bits hold the photos.  I have a couple I made a few years ago and just change the photos every so often.
Kisses anyone?!  I made this frame to take to photograph the dogs I dress up.  You would need to scroll back a couple of years to find those photos on here.  The frame is quite big and on the reverse side I will decorate it for Valentines Day!  The two dogs I dress up are fully grown but very tiny, and they are some of the best "models" I have worked with!  No complaints, no talking back, they just pose how I want them to and they LOVE being dressed up!
Ok that's all for today!  Thanks for dropping by! Have a SUNSHINE day!  {HUGS} from me to YOU:-)