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Wednesday, 3 August 2022

New Cards!

These cards all use Lavinia stamps.  Some are Christmas cards.  I am pleased to see that you can see some of the sparkly glitter I used on each card!

The tiny red hearts are from Stampin' Up!. They are self adhesive, and I often forget to use them.  I'm still feeling tired from being in hospital, so if you have any questions about the cards, just leave me a comment and I sill do my best to answer your questions!

 Thanks for dropping by, have a SUNSHINE day! Remember to always be your authentic self, and shine bright each and every day!

Tuesday, 26 July 2022

A Pretty Sunrise, Two Cards, A Shopping Bag from Lavinia Stamps, and A Cat Called Daisy!

I took this sunrise photo, above, one morning, recently.  The sky was all pink and it looked so pretty.
These are two new Lavinia cards I made.  Both are very sparkly and have some mica powder on them irl.  Its a shame you can't see it:-(
I sprayed some mica powders on the card above and it is so sparkly irl! SO frustrating that you cannot see it on here! Oh well. Below is the shopping bag I bought from Lavinia Stamps.  So far I have taken it grocery shopping, and then it carried my clothes and shoes to and from hospital when I was admitted over the weekend.  Oh, and Romeo has slept inside it too!  He LOVES shopping bags!
Below is a photo I took of Daisy the Hospital cat!  She lives next door to the hospital I was in.  but she wanders around the hospital wards every day.  Her owners know where he is, and she goes home at night.  She goes all around the wards, and checks on patients and visitors, and often sleeps on patients beds.  I've met her twice so far, and she has her own face book page!  I was greeted by her last weekend after being discharged from hospital, as I was waiting for a taxi to get  home.  Daisy really wanted to go into the hospital Pharmacy, but it was closed!  She wasn't happy, and ended up wandering off down the corridor to a nice spot to sleep!  The photo is a bit blurry because I was walking out to get in the taxi. Daisy is a very much loved and adored visitor to the hospital, and we all love to see her.  You can check her out on face book, under Daisy The Hospital Cat!
Thank you for dropping by, have a SUNSHINE day! Remember to always be your authentic self, and shine bright each and every day!


Sunday, 17 July 2022

More Lavinia Stamps Cards an Some White Eyes!

I made the card above this morning.  The Hare stamp actually faces to the right irl, but I stamped her on to my gel press and then on to the card so she was facing to the left so she could push the 'pram'!  The 'pram' is actually a boat!  I stamped two buttons which I cut out, and used them for wheels.  The Hare's skirt is actually from a Poppy flower.  I just stamped the flower head and cut it out, and glued it upside down to make it into a skirt!
I had fun with the card above!  I stamped and colored the Witches hat, and masked the bottom and stamped "Tango" the mouse so it looks as if the hat is on her head!  To me she looks very Brazilian!  I was going to put the words, "Ola! Vamos festejar!" which means, "Hello, lets party!" in Portugese,  but didn't quite get there. She too has a poppy head skirt on!  The card is sparkly, but it doesn't show on here.

Above is a small size "Barric", one of the LS Crows.  He is standing under a Witches hat magical lamp!  Well, that's my story!  He has a crown on, which is sparkly.
Above are a couple of (possibly) Christmas cards, using LS stamps and a star stencil.  The stars are sparkly - believe me!
These bird photos are of some tiny little Silver Eye birds.  They are so tiny you could fit about ten on your hand!  They come down to my bird feeder every day.  I put out wild bird seed for them as well as some pieces of butter.  They LOVE the butter!  I call them White Eyes because of the white ring around their eyes but their proper name is Silver Eyes.
I was really surprised they let me get so close to them, but any sudden movement, or noise, and they were gone.  They come back quickly though.  I'm hoping to get some better shots in a day or two.  It might be awhile because the weather forecast is for rain most of next week.  
These pretty little birds are about half the size of a House Sparrow.  Since I have been leaving butter out for them, they literally fall out of the trees and into the bird feeder!  It's almost like it's raining birds!  They flit around very quickly, and I have never seen so many at one time. The only problem I have with feeding the wild birds is, I get a lot of wild Doves that gobble up the bird seed in minutes, leaving none for the other birds.  I shoo the Doves away when I see them.

 Ok, that's it for today!  Thanks for dropping by, have a SUNSHINE day!  Remember to always be your authentic self and shine bright each and every day!

Tuesday, 5 July 2022

Lavinia Stamps Leaf Stencil Cards.

 made the cards above and below, using a Lavinia Stamps leaf stencil.  I used Texture paste on the top card and mixed ins a tiny bit of LS Brusho in a blue colour. While the paste was wet I sprinkled some orange stuff - no idea what it's called but it's kind of chunky.  I also added some fine gold glitter, as well as some very sparkly clear glitter.  Of course you can't see it on here!  Arrgh!
On the card below I used the same stencil without cleaning the Texture Paste off the stencil.  I just plonked it down on a piece of black card and used my brayer over the top.  It kind of looks like the veins of the leaf as they die off.  That card too is very sparkly! Lastly I stamped the words in white ink. Both cards have lot's of texture on them which makes me touch them all the time!
Below is the Lavinia Stencil I used for both cards.  I measures around 4 1/2 inches in width and about 6 1/2 inches in height.
I made the background for this card using the Boblong Gel press from LS. The stamp is also from LS and she is called "Josie"!  Once again, the card is very sparkly...but you know the story... you can't see it on here!  I am sick of saying that!

I am still not well, my sore throat has gone, but my nose is blocked and I feel like ....??  Fill that in as you like! Anyway, thanks for dropping by, have a SUNSHINE day! Remember to always be your authentic self, and shine bright each and every day!

Saturday, 2 July 2022

Running Wild With Tango, Tilly and Minni!

 I made the card below using a set of SU dies called, Suit and Tie.  There are lots of ways you can use these dies, other than a suit. This was my first time using them and I was just playing to see how the dies worked.
And below are Tango, Tilly and Minni, some Lavinia mice running and dancing along the road! This was a fun card to make! The 'Road" stamp is one I bought from Stampa Barbara in the US many years ago when I was there. I've used that stamp for many different cards.  I'm thinking I might make it into a cling stamp as it is quite a big heavy wooden stamp.  It would be much easier for me to use with my stamp platform.
Only two cards today, I've got a cold and my nose is streaming and my eyes are stinging.  As well as a sore throat and a head full of fluff! Not to mention sneezing!  Feeling very sorry for myself right now! Struggling to see, and I have no idea why I decided to attempt to make cards today! Thanks for dropping by have a SUNSHINE day! Remember to always be your authentic self, and shine bright each and every day!

Monday, 27 June 2022

"Tilly" and "Tango" At The Barnyard Dance!

 Just one card today.  My hands are so cold it's hard to do anything, let alone make a card. Gloves don't work for me because I have poor circulation, so they just keep my hands cold.

 This is Tilly and Tango having a great time at the Barnyard Dance!  Dressed in their best skirts, they dance until know ow it is! It wasn't easy cutting out their dresses, not only were my hands cold, but my fingers didn't want to do what they were told!  Not sure if I like the dresses or not, but I had fun making this card!  More to follow...?!  Maybe!

Thanks for dropping by, have a SUNSHINE day!  Remember to always be your authentic self, and shine bright each and every day!

Sunday, 19 June 2022

Make Your Own Pixie Pots Tray!

Above and below are two photos showing how I made my own Pixie Pots Tray costing $6! Wanting some tiny pots to mix either my inks or mica powders in, I bought a tray, some adhesive velcroe dots and some tiny pots with lids from my local $2 Shop.  I stuck the velcroe dots to the bottom of each pot, and the other part of the velcroe dot to the tray and then pressed the pot firmly so it stuck.  This way, the liquid from either the distress inks or the mica powder I mix with water, will not spill when I move it.  You can buy the Pixie Pots for around $37, but me being me, I made my own for $6! The pots are easy to remove ad don't fall over, even with the velcroe stuck to the bottom.

Above and below are a few cards I have made last week. They all have sparkly stuff on them, not easily seen on the photo's.
 have taken another photo of the card above in hope that you can see the shiny mica powder on the card.  Still not easy to see here:-(
All these cards are made using Lavinia Stamps, ditto for the stencils I have used.  The mane on the Unicorn below is actually sparkly gold, but it looks brown in this photo. The challenge is, there's not much sun around, so I am using a flash to photograph these cards.  They come out much better if I can photograph them in natural light.  Bah humbug to Winter!! I want Summer!!
Thanks for dropping by, have a SUNSHINE day!  Remember to always be your authentic self and shine bright each and every day!