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Thursday, 29 April 2021

Vanishing Visitors And Something CAS.

For the card above, I used some Tim Holtz dies from a set called, "The Park".  I die cut the lady twice.  Once on black card and again on some DSP.  The words are from a TH stamp set that has lot's of different Halloween related words. I used a mask from a piece of card that I had die cut the lady, and carefully brushed on some grey ink to give a kind of shadowy look.  Or are they ghostly images...?!  The butterfly net and butterflies are also part of the die set.
For this card, above, I just stamped the words in black, on to a white folded card.  I added a small glass gem to the tail of the word "away" and the card was done.  I actually made this card for a Face Book page that has all Clean and Simple(CAS) cards.  I struggle with making CAS cards because I love my bling!  Anyway, I like how the card turned out!  The stamp is one of Suzanne Cannons creations.  Her calligraphy is STUNNING!
Ok, so that it's for today.  Thanks for dropping by!  Have a SUNSHINE day!  Remember to always be your authentic self, and shine bright each and every day!  Hugs:-)

Wednesday, 28 April 2021

Clean Your Stamps With These!

While I was in my local $2 Shop, I came across these cleaning sponges.  There are four in a pack and they each measure 4 inches in length, just under 2 1/2 inches across and about 1 1/4 inches deep.
It says they remove things such as crayon, permanent markers, scuff marks (presumably on shoes) tough dirt from most hard smooth surfaces.  My brain immediately thought, "what about cleaning rubber/acrylic
stamps?!"  You wet the sponge and then wring it out a bit, so I tried it on the bathroom cabinet, the kitchen sink, the top of the oven and eventual my stamps!  WOW WOW WOW!!  It cleans my stamps perfectly and it didn't take much effort!  I usually clean the ink off the stamp with a wet cloth them dry it with a paper towel.
Using this new sponge, the ink just came off so easily and the stamp was left way cleaner than usual.  These sponges are great, and I just wanted to tell you all about it!  Oh, and they remove tea stains from your tea cup sooo easily too!
Above is one of the sponges.  I now have them in the kitchen the stamp room and the bathroom.  I will try them on my shoes later and see how that goes.  The sponges are quite firm and very light.  I'll be keeping these in stock for future use, especially in my stamp room!
Thanks for dropping by, have a SUNSHINE day!  Remember to always be you authentic self and shine bright each and every day! Hugs:-)

Monday, 26 April 2021

Cards to Donate


I have stamped and cut out some images ready to colour later.  I am going to donate these cards to either a local rest home, or to my local Hospice shop.  I haven't decided which yet.  I will stamp more as time goes by.  They will include Christmas as well as general cards.
I've had a very stressful week or so.  Eight days ago I discovered I had no working landline.   I also had intermittent internet connection as well.  
I contacted Orcon, my provider whom I have my internet and phone with.  They said they would send a technician out asap.
I also filled in and sent via email, a Medical Dependency form, stating that I have a St. John Life Link Alarm that was dependent on the phone line working.  The Alarm was flashing and every 15 minutes was telling me to check the phone line.  This is still happening, every 15 minutes. I have several serious health issues and need that alarm to be working incase I needed to call for help.  Orcon had told me that by providing this form to them would prioritize my technical issue and it would be fixed immediately.
This was last Wednesday.
Each day I get a text message from Orcon saying a technician will be here 'tomorrow.'
It seems as if "tomorrow" never comes.  The last message I got was that a technician will be here tomorrow, Tuesday 27/4/2021 to fix the problem. We'll see.
So much for the Medical Dependency form making my phone line issue being  "prioritized".  EIGHT days I have been waiting, and eight days I have no landline that works, and my St. John Life Link being out of service. I have had to contact St. John to let them know what is happening and why my alarm is not working.  They too are not impressed with Orcon.
It's not good enough, Orcon's "customer service" is non existent.
What really annoyed  me when I called Orcon, was, the guy I was talking to kept saying, "yes, I understand" when I said my Life Link alarm was not working and how important it was for my safety.  He did NOT 'understand' at all.  If he was reliant on a medical alarm and had serious health issues, and had no working phone line, then yes, he would certainly 'understand'.
It makes my blood boil when people say they 'understand' and they clearly don't.
So now I wait until tomorrow and see if a technician really does come to fix the phone line.
I'm furious with Orcon and will be changing providers after this is all cleared up.
So yes, I had had a lot of stress in the last week.
Okay, that's my rant for today!  
Thanks for dropping by!  Have a SUNSHINE day!
Remember to always be your authentic self, and shine bright each and every day:-)

Sunday, 18 April 2021

Something Simple For Sunday!

 I cut out a leaf shape using my Scan N Cut machine.  (No leaf dies I had were big enough for what I wanted to make.) I laid the piece of card I had cut the leaf shape from, on the white card and used soft brushes to brush on some Autumn colours.  I used four different colurs of ink pads, yellow, orange, Cajun Craze and red.
I then used my Tim Holtz Stamp Tool to stamp on the tree over the coloured leaf, using black ink.  I was going to stamp the words, "Hello Autumn" on the bottom, but decided I preferred it without the words. I just wanted it plain and simple. I lastly added a small clear gem half way down the card, on the right hand side and the card was finished. (Ok, so I couldn't resist putting at east ONE bit of bling on the card!)
I'm not good with making clean and simple cards, they challenge me, but felt like making something simple today.  Every so often I do this, as it settles my busy mind and makes it easier for me to get back into my "busy" cards!
Thanks for dropping by, have a SUNSHINE day!  Remember to always be your authentic self, and shine bright each and every day!

Thursday, 15 April 2021

Flying Snarky!

I almost forgot to publish tis Snarky Cats card!  What prompted me was, someone bought it yesterday (along with other Snarky Cats cards I made) and I remembered it needed publishing.  Personally, I really like this card, and sometimes I have trouble letting cards go when it's sold.  Does anyone else feel like that?  I would love to know your thoughts!  The colours on here are a bit pale.  In reality, the colours are much brighter.
It was cold last night - a gentle hint that Winter is slowly creeping in:-(  I am not looking forward to Winter:-(
Ok, that's it for now, thanks for dropping by!  Have a SUNSHINE day!  Remember to always be your authentic self, and shine bright each and every day!

Saturday, 27 March 2021

Pigs and Coat Hangers?!

I saw a card like the one above for sale in a shop, and thought to myself, "I can make that!"  So I did!  Thanks t Andrea who had given me some coat hanger paper clips!  They were the perfect size! I used some coloured wool I had, and typed and printed the words on my laptop.  I adhered the coat hanger to the card using my hot glue gun.  Such a fun, quick and easy card to make!
This card uses a  stamp and die set from Pink Ink Designs, called "Pigs Might Fly".  Loraine sent me a card like this recently, and I loved how she coloured it, and ended up buying the same stamp and die set.  (Thank you Lorraine!)  I have adhered the pig and balloons with sponge tape to give it some height. I cheated by using my Scan N Cut machine to die cut the wings and balloons.  I have very sore thumbs/hands at the moment and found it a bit of a challenge with the smaller dies.  I also used my San N Cut to cut out the word "Believe", below which is on the inside of the card.  The machine has over 
1000 pre programed images (this was one of them) and you can make them smaller or larger as you like.  As well as those images, you can draw/stamp your own words/images and it will cut those as well.  This machine does way more stuff than I know, and I am constantly learning what it can do!  It also has several alphabets so you write and cut your own words.  SO much fun!!

 Thanks for dropping in, have a SUNSHINE day!  Remember to be your authentic self, and shine bright each and every day!

Tuesday, 23 March 2021

A Bunch of Snarky Cats!

Here are my latest cards, all "Snarky Cats" stamps by Tim Holtz.  All the images have been cut using my Scan N Cut machine.  It does a way better job at cutting than I do!
Mr. Snarky, above, is having a party, but instead of having party lights, he has party fish skeleton lights!  Pheww, that would be smelly!  I wonder if anyone came to his party?!
The card above has a mish mash of stamping, tissue paper, ink smooshes and sticky net stuff on it.  Because the background is so busy and colourful, I left Mr. Snarky un-coloured.
This Snarky is made on a playing card!  He has a background of tissue paper and some sticky net stuff that Andrea gave me.  The gold wings are a Tim Holtz 3D Embossing folder that cuts out and embosses the image.
SO much fun to use!  I love Tim Holtz products, they are always excellent quality.  If only Tim would re- release the Stamptember Snarky Cats stamps.  I want to buy that set!  I missed out on getting it as I was unwell and in hospital at the time.  By the time I was discharged and sent home, the set had sold out:-(
Ok, so that's all for now! Thanks for dropping by!
Have a SUNSHINE day!  Remember to always be your authentic self, and shine bright each and ever day!