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Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Dog Cards

 The card above is made using heart shapes!  I used heart shaped dies I have.  A fun card to make:-)  I have used some SU DSP for the background as well as the strip at the bottom of the card.
These two photo's (above and below) are of some new Stampin' Up! card I got last week.  I was very disappointed with it as it does not fold neatly, but ends up with creases in it where I don't want it creased.  No matter how careful I was, it would not fold without the extra creases.  Very disappointing:-(  I ended up not using it as it did not look very nice.  For most of my cards I use cheap card from the $2 shop, and I have NO problems with it at all.  At $2 a pack of 20, I will definitely keep on using it.  

 Another dog card, once again made from heart shapes!  I wonder if I can make cat ones...?!
I made this card and gift bag from some Stampin' Up! dies and stamps.  The little white bag with gold stars came in a pack of six, from a local shop.  There are 6 bags for $3.  The stamp on the card say's, "...because you're awesome", and below it I stamped "Happy Valentines Day".  I forgot to photograph it after I had stamped it!  I made another card which I also forgot to photograph, and now I have posted it...oops!
Thanks for visiting, {HUGS} from me to YOU:-)

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