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Tuesday, 16 February 2016

An Early Morning Visit To The E.D. 15-2-2016

 If you've just eaten and are a bit squeamish, then don't look at these!  This is what happened to me about 5.50 am yesterday morning!  Lying in bed, on back, asleep.  
 One of my cats tried to jump onto the window ledge above my bed, but the net curtain got in his way.  He slipped and fell onto my face, and ACCIDENTALLY gouged my right eye and above my left eye with his back claws.  Blood all over me, rushed to the bathroom to mop it up.  It wasn't working so I grabbed a handful of clean face cloths and held them to my face.  Called for an ambulance as I could see it was a lot more than just a "cat scratch".  Spoke to a registered nurse (this is a new thing) and she said it would be fine and she was NOT sending an ambulance!  She said just go to see my own GP later that day!  I wasnt happy with that so I called a friend and she came an rushed me off to the local hospital to the Emergency Department.  They took one look at me and whisked me off to have stitches in the eyelid.  As you can see it was ripped wide open and was way more than a superficial"cat scratch".
 Here I am after being stitched up - 6 stitches.  I had some 'laughing gas' to relax me as I was reeeaaallly stressed about having stitches!
Once I was all patched up they gave me a Tetanus injection  THEN I noticed a weird itchy rash coming up rapidly on my arms and legs!
I have multiple allergies to just about every kind of drug and other things, so they gave me some Antihistamine and within 20 minutes the itchy rash settled down.  a HUGE THANK YOU to Keith, one of doctors who treated me and also to Wendy, the nurse.  Both awesome people and they kept me calm and totally high on the laughing gas!  Love that stuff!  
 The bottom photo is before I had the eyelid stitched and was waiting to be seen.  They had washed the wound ready to be stitched.  Today I am okay, but I have quite a bit of pain.  I was better earlier this morning, but as the day progressed so did the pain!  
And all I cold think of from the minute this happened was, take selfies so you can see what happened!!  So I did!  Then my friend who took me to the hospital took over my phone and she took the photo's while I was in hospital.
My eye is swollen and is closing as the day wears on.  I am making so many spelling mistakes as I really can't see well at all.  It may be awhile before I can see well enough to stamp:-(
Thank you for dropping in to look at my "wounds"!  {HUGS} from me to YOU:-)


Lorraine said...

Oh goodness! So sorry you had to go through this. Hope the pain subsides soon.

Asha said...

OH MY!!!! That looks awfully painful. Hope you heal soon. Glad you didn't listen to that ridiculous RN.
x Asha

twinkletoe said...

Oh bless your heart, its much worse that I imagined. Rest plenty and let it heal. Sending you love and hugs. xx