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Sunday, 22 November 2015

Would YOU Do This?

 These are two small embossing folders from Stampin' Up!  Both of them work perfectly well.  I have used them many times.  One day a "friend" came to visit, she is a Stampin' Up! demonstrator.  I have known her for many years.  She bought these folders of hers, for me to try.  I tried them out and accidentally one of them somehow ended up going slightly crooked through my Cuttlebug machine.
You can see it here on the side of the folder.  There was no major damage and I took full responsibility for what had happened.  I was very apologetic and apologized several times.  
However the "friend" was not at all happy and made a big song and dance about how the embossing folder was "ruined" and she could not possibly use it again.  I was surprised at this reaction and was very uncomfortable.  This "friend" had never reacted like this before and I was really embarrassed at what had happened.  The outcome was that the "friend" said I would have to give her $20 so she could replace the embossing folders.  
I felt like I had no choice, so the $20 was given to her and she gave me the "ruined" folder as well as the matching one.  I chose to let it go but  it did not sit well with me.  I would never have reacted that way to a "friend".
I saw this person several times after the event - remember, we were "friends".  However, recently I bumped into her again and said hello.  She said hello back to me then very deliberately turned her back on me and began speaking to someone else.  It was very obvious she did not want to know me.  And remember, she is a STAMPIN' UP! demonstrator, and I had been a customer of hers for some years!
What I want to know is, would YOU do this to a "friend??"  Would you demand they give you $20 to replace the item when it is clearly not "ruined" and was a complete accident??  We all make mistakes. And, what does "friend" mean??  I am confused. Thanks for visiting, {HUGS} from me to YOU:-)  

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twinkletoe said...

Oh Sunshine that is just awful of her. What a nasty lady. You are well shot of her. xx