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Thursday, 22 March 2012

Woohoo! She's Done!

Kia Ora, from Miss Piggy in Titirangi, Auckland New Zealand!
She's got wings! She's got a cute pink button nose! She's got a frilly pink Tutu! She's got glittery gold nail polish on her hooves! She's got blonde ringlets! She's got 'bling' on her puku (stomach) She's got cute 'n sassy sunglasses! She's got a bow in her hair & one on her tail! She's got...STYLE!! Finally, Miss Piggy's transformation from "bland" to "bling" is FINISHED!!!
I used the wings Lorraine ( - check it out) sent me with the pig, and one of the buttons for her nose! The rest of the embellishments came from my own stash I have. I am very happy how she turned out, and I think she is happy with her new look too!
Make sure you go to Lorraines blog, she will have all the other Piggy's on there in a very short time! I can't wait to see them!
I am really low on energy at the moment (I have problems with low Iron/Thyroid levels) and so this really was a "challenge" but it was FUN!
Ok, thank you all for visiting, {{HUGS}} from me to YOU:-)

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twinkletoe said...

Miss Piggy is just adorable. You did a great job Sunshine. XXX