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Sunday, 4 March 2012

What's This In My Mailbox?!

Jut over a week ago, this arrived in my mailbox! Well actually it didn't. I got a card from the mailman saying he had tried to deliver me a parcel but it didn't fit in my mail box and could I please go to XYZ to collect it. I'm thinking, "Oh great, it must be that flash Lamborghini car I have won from that contest I entered!! (Yeah right!)
Well, getting to XYZ was a challenge for me because...I don't drive & public transport wouldn't take me anywhere near XYZ to get the parcel. (Couldn't the mailman just DRIVE the Lamborghini to my house for me?!
So I had to arrange for someone to take to me to the mail center to pick it up.
I was gobsmacked when I saw the size of the parcel (definitely not a Lamborghini..)
as I knew it would DEFINITELY fit in my mailbox! So when I came home I took this photo of it for PROOF! I think my mailman is lazy & couldn't be bothered reaching around the back of my mailbox to leave it there. Anyhow, this is what was inside the box! ("Ro-Ro" just LOVED the buttons!)
Anyway, I cannot reveal what this is all about...just watch this blog for the next month & you will find out! "Miss Piggy" has had four coats of paint to give her some colour...keep watching!
Thanks fro visiting, I haven't posted anything for awhile due to some (more) health challenges...the story of my life.
Have a fab weekend, mine is almost at an end as it is Sunday 6pm here.
See you next time:-)

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Lorraine said...

Uh oh, so sorry your mailman made this so inconvenient for you. That had to be a pain. I sure hope that the time you spend with this project will make up for it. She's looking good!