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Thursday, 22 March 2012

Tubby Time!

These little pigs were made using a "Peachy Keen" pig die.
In the first photo I have punched out the pig (head & body) and then I used two scalloped ovals (nestabilities) for the skirt on her dress. For the straps on her dress - above the skirt & under the gold bow, I used half the head of the owl punch from Stampin' Up! I added some net material over the top of her scalloped skirt & stuck it down using my hot glue gun. I added one of Lorraines ( little flowers she sent me. I gave Miss Piggy some gold hooves. Her legs are made from an oval punch. Is she cute or what?!
The pigs in the tub were also made using the PK die. I cut out by hand the tub, added the pigs & some flower soft for bubbles. One pig has taken off her wings (there's nothing worse than wet wings!) and the other one has left hers on! I added bubbles on his/her head for fun! The feet on the bottom of the bath are also made using half the owl head from the SU owl punch. It's amazing what you can use that punch for, besides it's intended use to make owls! I am having fun!! Oh yes, the pig faces were (obviously!) stamped on before I out the pigs in the bath. The faces come with the die. When I saw these pigs on Lorraines blog I knew I just had to get the die! Oh yes, one of the pigs has some curly hair! (I'm sure you noticed that!)


twinkletoe said...

More little adorable piggies. And good idea with the owl "feet". I would never have thought of that!

Lorraine said...

They're adorable! I love those wings!!!