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Saturday, 1 October 2011

A Very Special Place In My Heart...

I recently went back to a very special place where I grew up & spent most of my childhood.
I hadn't been back there for almost 27 years and sadly alot had changed & not for the better. My parents had a batch here & it was all farm land, cows, sheep & miles of pristine white sand on the beaches. Sadly there is no farmland anymore and the "batches" are now great big fancy mansions that look like they belonged in Rodeo Drive. It was very sad to see. And most of the "mansions" were not even lived it, they were all shut up & looked very much out of place. Our old batch has been sadly neglected with all the curtains drawn; it looked lonely & unloved. Really sad to see considering how well my parents kept the place. But shift happens.
Thankfully the beaches had changed very little, just new car park areas mostly.
Anyway I had a fabulous day there & took heaps of photo's.
Thanks for visiting, I am now going to sleep! It's 4.23 am...see post below for more details as to why I am blogging at this early hour of the day! {{HUGS}} from me to YOU:-)

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