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Saturday, 1 November 2008


Well here's how I celebrated Halloween! It's not all that popular 'down under' but I found this cute "Casper the friendly Ghost" in the $2 shop & just had to have him! I attached him with fine wire to my shopping trolley & took him shopping!
I have been stamping but due to a fall I had earlier in the week, I haven't done much & haven't posted what I have done. I had just (last week) finished four months of physio for my left hip & now I am back at physio again with my other injuries:-( (Nothing broken thank goodness!)
Right at this moment I am working on a wedding card but it has a bit more to go before I can post it. Stay tuned...I am still stamping! I have a busy week ahead with physio & other appointments but don't give up on me yet!
Hope you all had a fun Halloween - thanks for visiting!

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