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Monday, 17 November 2008

A Rose for YOU!

Ok, so I haven't made any cards lately...forgive me! My "other" passion is photography, & having been recently given an awesome new camera (Canon 450D DSLR twin zoom lens) I just had to go & try it out! Anyone that knows anything about camera's will appreciate the "wow" factor in it!
I have made several calendars using my photo's in the last week but sadly forgot blog them & have now posted them all around the world! Can you believe it! I did them for Xmas gifts and they are quite cheap to post. I am also going to make cards with some of them. Anyway, I ramble on too long, this is just one of the 100's of photo's I've taken recently & I thought I'd blog it 'cause I haven't got any cards to blog! My new nesties will be here any day so I imagine I will be inspired by them & have some cards to show you!
Thanks for visiting, and not giving up me just yet!
Have a fun week - I have my Xmas tree up already, am I mad?? Well "Bella-Rosa" just adores it & the bits hanging off it! We've already had one "crash", but nothing broken, on either cat or tree, so that's good!
Ciao for now, heart hugs from Sunshine!:-)

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