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Thursday, 6 November 2008

More Roller-skate Cards!

Here are some roller-skate cards I just made. I just LOVE roller-skating & have my old skates from when I was about 14! (Yes, they are 'antiques' now!!)
Susan will understand this! These cards were made by stamping an ice skate stamp I have (I love to ice skate too!) & I chopped off the blade & added buttons for the wheels.
Scroll down a bit to the last one & check out Cammies blog, that is where I got the idea for these cards! Cammie has some neat stuff on her blog so check it out! Click on Cammie to see her blog! Thanks again Cammie!
There are stick on pearls on the lace studs on the skate & I added a bow. These cards really are quick & easy to make, and FUN!! I am taking some cards to the local hospital for them to sell, soon, so I will make a couple of these for them too.
Thanks for visiting & I hope your day/evening is going well!

Are there any other stampers out there who like to roller skate?! Let me know! :-)


Carolyn King said...

Super adorable!!! Love those roller skates!

Anonymous said...

I love the roller-skate cards that you made. May you send me the roler skake/iceskate stamp patern please and thank you.