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Sunday, 2 November 2008


Here is another card I made. This one is on dark silver card, sort of iridescent & sparkly. Much nicer IRL! I added some white paper flowers & gems. The flowers around the words have tiny gems in the center.
I like working with this card as it is a nice firm card & holds it's shape well.
I am a bit cranky right now - my glasses I need for distance vision have broken...yet AGAIN!! I have not had very much luck with my glasses & refuse to go back to my original optician after the last episode with my glasses. As luck would have it, I am off to The Eye Institute tomorrow to find out if I am a suitable candidate for either lasik or laser surgery. Because I have extremely little peripheral vision, glasses block my vision so much so that it is dangerous. I have huge trouble crossing roads etc. So now I just need the 'money fairy' (I know there is one...) to drop me some money to pay for the surgery!! Wish me LUCK! At least I have my reading glasses so I can still STAMP!! Have a fab weekend & see you again soon! Thanks for visiting!:-)

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