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Friday, 11 November 2016

Crazy Cats! And a Gripe About Vodafone:-(

No, no! It isn't Spiderman,  it's "Romeo-Valentino" after a moth on the security screen door!!  Although, he thinks he is Spiderman!  He had spotted a moth and he just had to get it.  He didn't.  The moth was on the outside of the door and he was on the inside!  Lucky moth, he lived to annoy "Romeo" another day!
Above and below is "Mr. Alfie", looking stunning and oh-so ready for Christmas with his antlers on!  He was not a happy little vegemite when I put those antlers on him!  I had about 2 seconds to take the photo and then he bolted!  He went one way and the antlers went the other way!  He is a lot happier in the photo below!  Or maybe not?!

These two pics, above and below, are of "Miss Lily".  In the top one she was hanging out of my kitchen window.  The door was open and she could have easily come out that way! 
"Wheeee!" say's "Miss Lily", as she swings wildly in the bucket hanging on my clothesline!  "Mr. Alfie" pulls on the string to try and tip her out!
Life is so simple when you are a cat!
**Serious stuff below!...**
I am still having trouble with VODAFONE not being able to stop texts from being sent multiple times all hours day and night.  This is harassment and in spite of sending emails to the CEO of Vodafone, I have gotten nowhere:-(   So I am now changing networks. I have requested a refund of the credit on my phone and as soon as they do that, I will switch over to another network.  Shame on you Vodafone for mucking me around and giving me SOOOOO many excuses as to why you cannot fix this issue.  I have spoken to multiple "Ninja's" who have all told me something different.  I have sent email after email giving them all the details of times and dates of the multiple texts I am receiving.  I have also spent some ours on the phone with various "Ninja's", and they too all tell me something different.  I have also sent several emails to the CEO, and still they cannot get it fixed.  I am over it.  The good news is, it only costs me $5 to change to another network. But if VODAFONE got their act together, I wouldn't be paying anything.  Shame on you VODAFONE.  One VERY unhappy (soon to be ex) Vodafone customer:-(
Thanks for dropping by, enjoy the weekend coming up!  {HUGS} from me to YOU:-)

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twinkletoe said...

All very cute kitty pics xx