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Saturday, 4 June 2011

"Romeo-Valentino" Learns To Crochet...

Ok, this is a scarf I just made last week...with the help of "Romeo-Valentino"!
He absolutely ADORES this wool, as you can see! First of all he helped himself to THREE balls of it early one morning. I woke up around 5 am to hear both cats running round the house having fun. "Oh", I thought, "How nice, they're playing chasey", and I went back to sleep.
Big mistake! When I did get up, there on the floor, was three un-raveled balls of wool; it looked like spaghetti! And the 2 culprits?? Fast asleep in their beds looking like innocent little Angels & Choir Boys!!
After winding all the wool up I put it in a jar, believing it would be safe.
It was, until "Ro-Ro" discovered it, and every time my back was turned he was in the jar helping himself! (If only he could crochet!)
Anyway, I finished the scarf (it took maybe an hour to crochet.
I crocheted a length long enough to fit around my head with a bit to spare. Then I joined the two ends together and threaded a length of thin elastic along the top. This drew the scarf into a sort of circle shape. I made the blue brooch pin & pinned it to the scarf, then made two pom-poms & stitched those onto the scarf. It stretches to go over your head & fits around your neck. It's really warm & cosy & I just love the colour!
I saw these in a clothing shop & they sell for around $17...mine cost $2!
I've since made 2 more in different colours.
Because "Ro-Ro" loves it so much, I keep it in my handbag, otherwise he runs off with it & I find him curled up asleep on it! Maybe I should make him one?!
Thanks for visiting; {{HUGS}} from me to YOU:-)


twinkletoe said...

For sure you have to make him his own scarf! He is just too cute!!

Lorraine said...

Oh, I think that would be wonderful if he could crochet! That looks like a very interesting pattern.