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Monday, 26 June 2017

Lots'a Cats!

I made the above card using a "Mama Elephant" stamp set.  It was so much fun to stamp and colour!  You can see the entire stamp set (19 stamps) below.  If you look closely at the card, you can see I have added 'eyes' to some of the cats.  I used some clear Nuvo Crystal Drops.  I don't put the NCD's straight onto the card.  I dot them onto a  non stick sheet and let them dry.  When they are dry (a couple of hours at the most) I carefully take them off the non stick sheet and keep them in a small plastic container.  (I have them pre-made in lots of colours, ready to use.) This way I can place them on a card and if I don't like the colour or they are not in the right place I just remove them and start again. This way I haven't ruined the card and been forced to place an "embellishment" I really don't want on the card to cover up the mark.   
Above and below are closeups of the stamp set.  There is one big stamp of all the cats, and then 4 separate cat stamps, plus balloons, hats, mice, fish  and some words that you can add to your card, or use separately.  As I said, so much fun!
Below is a photo I too of one of my "Tree Dahlia" plants that is in flower.  I don't think it should be flowering right now, but it seems to have a mind of it's own!
Below are a couple of photo's from the Brazilian Day Festival I went to.  It was a gorjuss hot sunny day, and we had so much fun:-) Once I get my new hip in a few months, I too will be dancing like this!!!   (Photos to come..!)

These are some of my tomatoes I grew last summer.  I forgot to post these then and have just come across them.  The tomatoes were huge and tasted sooooo sweet and yummy! This year I have a Choko plant growing.  It is still small and in a pot right now, but after winter I will plant it in the garden.  I have a frame that it will grow over. Chokos are one of my all time fave veges to eat:-)
And here is "Romeo-Valentino" sunning himself in a cardboard box.  I think it had some of my scrapbook papers in it!  He was very careful and didn't damage any of them! He knows the rules!
Thank you for dropping by, enjoy your week:-)   {HUGS} from me to YOU:-) 

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