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Sunday, 13 January 2013

Rainbow Warrior...I was There!

 Here is my first photo of the Rainbow Warrior which was visiting Auckland for a couple of days.  It wasn't easy to get photo's because of the huge crowd of people.  There were people everywhere & me being SHORT didn't help!  Remind to me to take a ladder with me next time?!  Yeah right, one of them fold up ones that fits into my camera bag!
 A close-up of the rainbow symbol.
 Another shot of the Rainbow Warrior.  You could go on board fro a free tour but there was a 2 1/2 hour wait!  It was a stinking hot & humid day & I really didn't feel like waiting around that long.  They were only taking 25 people at a time & it was a 15 minute tour.  Would have been great to see on board but the heat had got to me & I just wanted  to strip off (I didn't!!) & jump in the sea for a swim by this time!  Instead I headed for home!  It was truly amazing to see her up this close.  Seeing her on T.V. just doesn't compare to seeing her a meter away from you!
 This was written on the stern of the boat.
 This was taken looking towards the bow of the boat.  I am just sorry you can't see more of her.   Apparently she is about as long as she is tall!
 This was the Rainbow Warrior flag which was one of four flags flying.  It's taken from the wrong side of the flag but I couldn't get it from the other side because of the crowds & other 'things' in the way! 
 This is the logo which was printed on T. Shirts they were selling.
 Here is the billboard telling you about the tours etc. 
 A shot of the Auckland Sky Tower, well the top of it anyway.  Too many buildings to get the whole Tower in!
And last but not least is a close-up of the revolving restaurant & viewing tower.  You can even jump off it!  Ropes attached of course!  Fantastic 360 vies from up here!
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twinkletoe said...

How exciting to see the Rainbow!