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Wednesday, 11 January 2012

"It Wasn't Me, I Didn't Do It, I Know Nothing!"

This is a very innocent looking "Ro-Ro"! Here's what happened next... I had two large heavy drapes hanging over my washing frame. I was on the phone at the time & "Ro-Ro" decided to climb the drapes. The washing frame collapsed trapping him inside the frame & inside the drapes. Hilarious! By the time I had grabbed the camera & explained to my friend what I was lauging at, he had managed to escape & sit on the drapes. He is a constant source of entertainment! Love the question mark his tail is making! Looks like he is saying...What The??!
And no, he hasn't learnt his lesson, he's still trying to climb the washing frame, even though it is bent out of shape...Santa, I need a new one, please!
{{HUGS}} from me to YOU:-) Happy stamping/crafting!

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guest list database manager said...

Hey innocent Ro-Ro is so cute, i really like it, you know pets are also like small kids in family, they also do naughty things and then act very innocent, but they are very cute. i just love them.