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Sunday, 25 December 2011

Merry Christmas from The Supreme Winner!

Merry Christmas to YOU from ME! It is warm and sunny with a few clouds so far. I'm having a picnic lunch in the garden in a couple of hours time:-)
Ok, these photo's belong with the post below, but they didn't all fit. The photo of the hat is the other hat I made, I had two cheap $2 straw hats & ended up decorating them both with flowers. The 'secret' to keeping them on your head (we get some wind over here) is to glue some tiny fishing sinkers on them! It weighs the hat down just enough to hold it on your head when the wind blows, but they don't make the hat too heavy to wear.
The photo of me is after I left the barbecue (see post below for the full story!) and was almost home. I called in at my friend Heathermegs studio, "The Art Bunker" where she sells my cards & other crafts. She had sold the LOT in a few days! Then she wanted to take photo's of me in her here I am! Hot, tired, had a headache (too much sun & not enough fluid intake) but very happy!
So enjoy your Christmas, however you celebrate it. For me it will be very quiet day, just me & the two Purrito's!
Thank you for all your visits throughout the year, I hope to see you again in 2012!
Be safe, be happy & keep crafting!
{{HUGS}} from me to YOU:-)

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