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Tuesday, 7 April 2009

"Itty Bitty Kitty"!

This is "Romeo-Valentino" - or

"Ro-Ro" for short!! He is the latest addition to my family! I adopted him from the SPCA almost a month ago. He is now 15 weeks old & oh-so-cute!! He gets on really well with my other "fur-child", "Bella-Rosa"! She washes him & he just laps it up!! His fave spot to sleep is on top of my washing frame thing, & as you can see here, he is 'hanging' in a towel!! I have to peg the towel to the frame so he doesn't fall through!

He loves his big "sister", "Bella-Rosa", & follows her around & tries to chew her tail! They play chasey at night, & make alot of noise! "Bella-Rosa" is such a sweetie & I am so proud of her for accepting him so well. I was worried she might not accept him but they got on right away!

He is just what we both needed! "Ro-Ro" comes into my bed every morning (rather early!) for his morning cuddle & reminds me that is time to get up! Who needs an alarm clock?! Thanks to the RSPCA for caring for the animals:-) Thanks for visiting, I haven't been well recently & have not done alot of stamping. But I'm still here & there will be new stuff soon! Have a great week!


twinkletoe said...

Bless him!!

Lynn Mercurio said...

Aren't pets just wonderful?! They add so much to our lives. You got some cute pictures here!