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Sunday, 25 January 2009

Star Ornament

This Star Ornament is very easy to make! I hope you can follow the photo's well enough to make one! Start with four squares of double sided paper & two pieces of matching card just over 1/4 of the size of the double sided squares. These are for the front & back of the star. The paper I used is reasonably heavy & holds the shape well. First of all fold each square in half, then in half again. Then open up the square & fold diagonally. Fold diagonally so plain side of paper is on the outside. Following the photo's fold & join each piece as shown. Photo four shows the two folded squares ready to be joined. (I used double sided tape) Fold & join the four squares & lastly add the second piece of card - slightly bigger than the folded squares - to the multi coloured side of the paper. Punch a hole in each piece of card & join as shown. If you thread the ribbon from the outside of the star to the inside, it will then hold the star open when you hang it up. Phew! Hope you can follow these instructions & these stars really are easy to make! They fold up easy enough to post as well! (Thanks to my awesome friend Rosy who sent me one of these in the mail last week! She assured me they were easy to make & by looking at the one she made me I was able to see how it was done!)
Have an awesome fun day & thanks for visiting - call in again sometime!

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twinkletoe said...

I will have to try these but I am not very good at folding!