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Thursday, 11 December 2008

Action Shots

Here are some 'action' shots of "Bella" playing with a (very dead) bird she had just caught. She was very proud of her 'catch' & after bringing it inside to show me, she took it outside on the lawn! I nearly had a purple fit when I discovered her in the lounge with a (dead) bird sitting ont he floor in front of her!! Not MY idea of fun, that's for sure! After a bit of encouragement from me she took it outside:-)
That's when the "action" began! I don't like the idea of cats killing birds, but I know it happens & I have to accept it.
I took about 30 + cards I had made, to the local hospital the other day & they were very grateful. They will sell them in their shop. I get alot of pleasure from donating my cards to them. Well it's LATE, & I am off to bed now!
Thanks for visiting & I hope to have some more stamped cards soon! Take care & have a great Friday!


twinkletoe said...

Sad for the bird but she was just so cute. I saved the first one to MY PICTURES!!

scrap your heart out with Jen said...

Love your cat action photos. I too am a cat lover. I have 7 of them. Love your cat family pics on the right of your blog. Very cute artwork. I'll have to visit again.