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Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Mysterious Car Crash!

At around mid-day yesterday, I was sitting in the sun reading.  All of a sudden from out on the road I heard 2 very loud "crashes" as well as the sound of breaking glass.  My first thought was, OMG one of the rubbish trucks has hit a car!  (It was the day the rubbish is collected.)  I grabbed my camera and off I went to see what 'mess' I would find.  
To my surprise there was nothing there!  A guy who was jogging down the road said he heard it too, but neither of us could see anything, and we both agreed it had happened right outside my place!  So I came back inside and sat down feeling very confused.  It was 2 very loud crashes in quick  succession and a sound of breaking glass.  
After 5 minutes an Ambulance arrived and went into my neighbour across the road.  Then seconds later the Fire Brigade arrive and close off one lane of the road.  Curiousity piqued my interest so off I went with my camera.  "Something" was going on!
Then I saw that my elderly neighbour (she 's well into her 90's) had driven her car through the closed doors of her garage and had gone right through the back wall.  (She was not hurt.)  The Fire Brigade had to cut the broken door from it's frame so the tow truck could tow the car out.
Above is some of the broken glass from her garage doors.
Here's  her car being carefully towed out and onto a tow truck.  In the photo above you can see she has demolished the back wall of the garage as well.
The car had minimal damage, just a few scratches and scrapes along the sides.

The photo below shows the demolished garage with the back wall gone and no doors at the front.
I'm glad I discovered what the noise was because for a short time it was a complete mystery!  The rubbish trucks are big solid things and being our rubbish collection day,I just presumed it was one of those that had hit a car. 
Thanks for dropping by, enjoy our week!
{HUGS} from me to YOU:-) 


Lorraine said...

Oh my! What a crazy thing to happen. Glad she was okay. I have a friend whose 90 something aunt is upset that they're going to take her license away because of her eyesight. Maybe I should show her this!

twinkletoe said...

My goodness, what a surprise! xx