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Saturday, 22 October 2016

Vodafone Ninja's Not Helping"

For the last three months I have been receiving the same text message from 2 different people.  This is the same text message sent multiple times, over and over every day.  Sometimes coming though at 6 am.  I went to talk to the Vodafone Ninja's (as they are called) at Lynn Mall last week, to ask for help in stopping the texts.   They checked my phone settings etc and said they didn't know why it was happening and couldn't help me. Really??!  But you're a "Ninja", and it's your job to help people like me who have problems with their mobile phones!  I left the shop feeling like she didn't really even care and wasn't interested.  I was annoyed with  her attitude.
One of the senders of the multiple text messages doesn't use that phone and has no credit on it, and yet it still sends the text...every day.
So I contacted Vodafone online.  He said he has never heard of this problem before and no-one else has ever had this problem! REALLY??!!  I told him I had Googled it and came up with MULTIPLE people having the exact same problem.  
Come on Vodafone Ninja's, get it sorted asap!
Just had to get this off my chest as it is really irritating me that in this technological day and age, no-one can fix this problem?!  OMG and we are going to send people to MARS the future??  I sure hope technology is up to date for that!  Make sure your phone is working before you leave Planet Earth you guys!
Thanks for listening..if anyone is reading this!
{HUGS} from me to YOU:-)

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Lorraine said...

Technology! Sometimes I wonder how we lived without it, and sometimes I regret that we have so much of it. Hope you get some assistance soon. Ninjas? Ha!