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Monday, 13 June 2016

Inspiration - Or Not!

Do you have a "Go To Formula" for making cards?  A formula or layout you use when inspiration is not kicking in but you still want to make a card??  I would love you to share your ideas with me!  I sometimes (like now) get stuck for ideas and even though I check your blog, I still get stuck.  I found one "go to formula" and although it is good, I would love to find other idea's!  
In winter I just want to hibernate and wake up in summer...but I am not a bear so I can't do that!  I am hoping you guys out there will share some great "go to formulas" to keep me going through the next few wet and cold (and getting colder!) months!  
Thank you in advance!  Have a great week, {HUGS} from me to YOU:-)


Lorraine said...

I don't really have a go-to formula but I have lots of places that I visit for ideas. Then I "pin" them to my Pinterest page. There's always Splitcoast stampers, and other places where there are challenges that give you either sketches or color combinations or even technique suggestions. Good luck and stay warm.

Sunshine said...

Thanks for that Lorraine! Pinterest and Splitcoast Stampers are the two places I usually visit for idea's! Besides checking blogs of course!
Trying to keep warm without wearing my entire winter wardrobe! I sometimes feel like I have every jacket/coat I own, on when I go out!
Thanks for the idea's!