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Saturday, 2 March 2013

Cats and Flying Pigs!

 "Bella-Rosa" says, "I may not be busy, but I AM cute!".  "Romeo-Valentino (below) didn't even know there was a sign leaning on him!!  "Busy?" he says, "Wot's 'busy'"?!

 And here they  are in very similar poses.  What's that saying about "copyCATS?"!!  And these are my two "helpers"?! 

 Oh my gosh!  Did I get a nice surprise when I went to get the mail today!  This is what I found inside!
These gorgeous treats, "Miss Piggy with her wings, a cute mail-box, some 'tummy yummy's' and a most gorgeous card!!  All from Lorraine over at   PLEASE check out her awesome blog!  Thank you!  And many thanks to you Lorraine for all these wonderful goodies!!
And the cute Miss Piggy tape around the box will be 'saved' too!  Well, you don't throw things like  that in the trash - not in this home!  The tape will be used on some future project I am sure!  I must confess, I have eaten the chocolates and they were d'vine!!  Yumm...I'll reveal my waist measurements next time!  Oh yes, Miss Piggy's head and wings move!  How's that for xtra cute?!  There was a gentle breeze coming in the window and her  head bobbed up and down and her wings began to flutter - she was ready for flight!
 This photo below is "Romeo-Valentino" looking 'choir-boy' innocent, his usual look!  He was rolling all over some craft stuff I had laid out on the bed beside me!  He loves to be right where ever I am, usually on top of what ever I am making!  I have to make sure if I am sewing that he is safe from sharp things such as sewing needles etc.  He is a very inquisitive cat - a typical Sagittarius, like me, always learning!
Okay,  well that's all for now, thanks for visiting!  Hope your day is going well.
{{HUGS}} from me to YOU:-)

Picture this, I am sitting at my computer.  cup of tea in hand  and eating my toast (aka breakfast!). I have no idea how I manage to eat my toast drink my tea and navigate the Internet all at once?!  Anyhow that's what I'm doing.
I am clad only in my very sexy pajama's - the ones with pink hippopotamuses all over them - I told you they were sexy!
I am totally engrossed in what's in the computer screen and oblivious to the rest of the world. 
It is only and is still very quiet outside, no traffic noise yet.  I gradually become aware that I can hear a "ticking" noise like a clock.  Weird.  Really weird because I don't have a clock that 'ticks'.  I have super keen hearing and ticking clocks drive me nuts!
So I'm sitting there trying to figure out what is 'ticking' and I put my tea and toast down and casually look round the room and HOLY MOTHER OF MARY  (and I may have got that wrong because I am not really religious so forgive me if I did!) "Miss Piggy's" head & wings are bobbing up and down for all they're worth....SHE IS HAUNTED!!  ..and she is 'ticking'!!
Hmmm, okay,  yeah, I'm not sure about this and I am waiting for reality and logic kick in and so I hop on over to Lorraine's blog   (I might have forgot the www bit) to check things out as she is the one who sent me this cutie-pie pig!
Okay, five seconds on Lorraine's blog and all is revealed...Ahhh, yes, I see now, Miss Piggy" is not 'haunted' after all, she is...SOLAR POWERED!!  Mystery solved!
Well I have to say, that's a relief!  Back to my cup of tea & toast & back to normality again.  Thanks Lorraine, the adrenalin rush was great!
The rest of my day has been, well, 'normal'!


Lorraine said...

I am so glad you got your package because I got mine just in time too! What a lovely surprise and to come so far. You are so very thoughtful. Thank you for remembering Pig Day. You have me missing our cats too. They look so sweet and comical at the same time. Love it!

Asha said...

There's such a thing called Pig Day?! Learning something ne everyday. On to biz... I'VE MISS YOUR CUTIES! Super adorable fur-balls. Who needs ZenTV when you can watch a cat sleep... relaxation on a whole new level! Looking fwd to your next post, Sunshine!
xxx Asha
Sunny Summer Crafts

Unknown said...

Thats hilarious. I would love to have been there and seen you!!