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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Another Car Crash...

Here are some photo's of another car crash I photographed, which happened yesterday afternoon. At the time I was lying down as I had a terrible headache! I heard sirens very close by & thought I should 'investigate' it. Looking out the window I could see the traffic outside had come to a halt. Instinct told me to grab my camera, put on some shoes & go & have a look. This is what I discovered. What had happened?? The red car had done a burn-out & had been spotted by the police. They pursued him for a short distance & then CRASH. The red car hit the parked silver van & pushed it into the lampost. The driver jumped out & run off into the bush. The passenger was trapped in the car so he was caught by the police right away. In come the tracker dogs to look for the driver of the red car, but after some time they returned empty handed. But I have every confidence they will get him. Once again, there were no serious injuries, just 2 mangled cars. The crash happened on a straight piece of road, and a lot of drivers use excessive speed on this section of road. Some of the residents are trying to get something done about getting either chicanes or speed bumps put in as there have been so many crashes on this piece of road. There are three schools & 2 play centers within almost 2 kms and it is just too dangerous to be speeding. The local paper is interested in photo's of all the crashes I have taken & so I have put four of them onto 3 cd's. There have already been three crashes within 50 metres on my home within a year! This crash was a few houses down the road from me. My fear is one day it will be a fatal that I photograph..I hope not. It's not the road that's to blame, it's the driver. Drive safely & come & visit again soon! {{HUGS}} from me to YOU:-)

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