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Sunday, 25 April 2010

Mommies Little Hero!

This photo has two stories attached to it. First of all, "Romeo-Valentino" is sitting on my trestle table that has all my "tools-of-the-trade" on it. I have to cover it with a fitted sheet every night otherwise yours truly gets up on the table & "steals" things, such as bits of card, stencils, dies, basically anything he can manage to grab hold of! I was finding stuff all over the floor every morning & beginning to wonder if I had been "sleep crafting" in my sleep?! I also cover the table when I go out, that way I know things will still be in their right place when I get home! But seriously, doesn't he look cute up there..not to mention innocent?! (Love those laser beam eyes!)
Ok, the second story is a bit more serious, but none the less cute:-)
I haven't been too well for awhile & last week after getting out of the shower & getting dressed, I collapsed on the floor & was semi conscious. (No injuries but!) I wear a medical alarm as I have some resonably serious medical conditions so I pressed the alarm for medical help. I was unable to get up off the floor as I felt extremely dizzy & lightheaded & was not really with it. "Romeo-Valentino" came running over to where I was lying on the floor & began to lick my face & hand. He kept this up for at least 15 minutes, not stopping until the ambulance arrived & the medics were inside the house.
Eventually I was able to get up off the floor - my blood pressure had dropped rapidy which is why I fainted. Once "Romeo-Valentino" saw I was in good hands, he sat under the table & just watched.
At the time I didn't think much of it but later that night as I felt better and my head cleared a bit, I thought about it & I honestly believe he was licking my face & hand to make sure I stayed awake! He wasn't playing as he will bite & scratch (carefully!) when he does that. I have known dogs to do this but not cats - has anyone else had a similar experience with cats? I'd love to hear about it! A friend of mine who lives in Sydney has had a similar experience with her cat. Since then he follows me literally everywhere around the house & comes into the bedroom at night & sleeps by the door, something he has started doing since I had the fall. So now I call him my little hero!
Anyway, I hope you weeknd is going well, us Kiwi's & Aussies are celebrating ANZAC Day tomorrow. Ooops, make that's 1.30 am Sunday here. Thanks for visiting, {{HUGS}} from me to you:-)

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misstwinkletoe said...

I am sorry to hear about your fall but happy that Ro Ro was there to help you. XX